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Great DIY Projects for the Garden

Posted by Bridgman on

You don't need a green thumb or great carpentry skills to complete many of these great garden do-it-yourself projects. Whether you're an avid or beginning DIYer or you just want to make some improvements around your house and garden, there's a project here waiting for you to get started. To view the complete 'how-to' guides, simply click on the title of the project.   1. Build a Custom Dog House In just two days you can build a high quality custom doghouse for half what it would cost to buy an inferior readymade model. Clear and simple directions show you how to construct a new house for your furry friend in five easy steps.   2. Create a Wine Bottle Torch Here's a clever way to take an ordinary object and turn it into something both exotic and useful. Find out how to turn a commonplace bottle into a modern backyard tiki torch. All it takes is an empty bottle with a one-inch diameter neck and readily available pieces of hardware.   3. Design Coffee Can Lanterns You can choose your own design when you upcycle coffee cans into hanging lanterns for the garden. Use a hammer and nails to punch out the design, and then place three votive candles inside to light up your garden and create an unforgettable ambience.   4. Create Kokedama String Garden The name may sound exotic, but these hanging Japanese moss balls are fun and easy to make. They make terrific gardening projects for when the days are getting longer but it's not yet time to go out in the garden. Arrange two, three, or four string gardens for a live sculptural assemblage.   5. Build a Raised Bed Garden There's a reason raised bed gardens are so popular: they make gardening easier, especially in places where the soil is not ideal for growing plants. And because no space is wasted, you can grow more food or flowers in less space. Find out how you can build a basic raised bed garden in just a few hours.   6. Plan a Raised Bed Garden Before you build your garden you need to plan the site. Choose a sunny, level, weed-free site. If you don’t have that, learn how to make some simple preparations to create a perfect place for your raised bed garden.   7. Construct a Small Cabin Whether you are looking for a vacation cabin or a full-time home, you can build a 12-foot by 20-foot cabin for half what it would cost to have it built. With three windows, a door, and a floor, it will be ready for the finishing touches to make it your own.   8. Build a Wood Deck Concrete decks are sturdy and functional, but for warmth and beauty nothing beats a wood deck. Learn how you can use the concrete deck as a base so you can build your wooden deck without digging a new foundation and putting in joists.   9. Dig a Garden Pond There's nothing like water to make a garden feel both calmer and livelier. You don't need landscaping experience or carpentry tools to create this small garden pond. The keys to this project are a shovel and a heavy-duty plastic liner.   10. Build a Tree House You may make this tree house for your youngsters, but there's no age limit on who can enjoy it! If your garden has two or three tree trunks or heavy branches close to each other, this plan may be just the one for you. And you can modify it to suit your needs.   11. Make a Tree Swing You don't a tree or even a garden to enjoy this DIY tree swing. You can hang this sturdy swing from a strong branch or from the rafters of your house. In just a couple of hours you can turn rope and boards into an attractive and fun swing.   12. Put Together a Modern Outdoor Planter As common as they are, cinder blocks are practical and sturdy building materials. And with their clean lines they provide a modern look. Assemble them to fit your space, fill the holes with potting mix, and plant them with succulents.   13. Make Recycled Barrel Planters Wine barrels make fine planters, but with a little ingenuity you can turn a half wine barrel into a three-tiered garden. Attaching salvaged wood to your planter extends the weathered, recycled wood feel of the barrel. It will be perfect for planting flowers, herbs, or succulents.   14. Seed a Lawn All it takes is a piece of ground, a little soil preparation, the right seed mix for your climate and conditions, and lots of watering to create a lush green lawn your neighbours will admire. Find out when and how to do it.   15. Build a Fire Pit It's easy to understand why fire pits are so popular. They create a warmth and ambiance that foster good times out-of-doors. Plus, with just a few days of work you can have a fire pit that will last a lifetime.   16. Make a Garden Fountain Enhance your garden with the sound of water flowing through a fountain. Believe it or not, you can turn most any ornament you have into a fountain: a garden gnome, piece of sculpture, or even a pile of rocks!   17. Make a Hanging Pallet Chair Laced with paracord, this unique pallet chair conforms to the body so it’s as comfortable as a hammock. Use recycled wood, even an old pallet, and this chair costs almost nothing compared to the pleasure it will bring.   18. Build an Arbor Turn a simple path into a welcoming entrance to your garden with a beautiful arbor. Use the arbor to highlight a special spot in your garden or mark a transition from one garden area to another. Inexpensive and rewarding – this is a perfect DIY project.   19. Create a Birdhouse With just a little help from an adult, even a child can make this wooden birdhouse. Then the fun begins: watching the birds come and go as they make their nest and raise their young.   It may be easy to go out and buy whatever you need, but it's not nearly as satisfying as making it yourself. When you complete a DIY project you will feel a huge sense of accomplishment, plus you will have a custom product made to fit your home and lifestyle. And if that's not enough, you will save lots of money in the process. Which DIY project is your favourite?  


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