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Getting ready for Easter - Easter egg hunts

Posted by Bridgman on

12 New Ideas for Great Easter Parties If you are searching for new Easter party ideas, your search is over. We’ve put together a dozen Easter egg hunt ideas to brighten up your party.
  1. Prepare a jigsaw puzzle beforehand by writing a message on the back of the completed puzzle. Ask the children to put it together with an Easter theme – bunnies or eggs or chicks. Once they finish the puzzle ask them to turn it over. There they will see a clue for finding the hidden Easter eggs.
  2. Help the littlest children find the Easter eggs by putting bunny footprints near each hiding place.
  3. If you have a mix of children of different ages, try colour coding the eggs. For example, ask the older children to find the red eggs, which you will have hidden in higher or more difficult places. The little ones will find the blue ones, which are close to the ground and easy to find. A good way to make sure everyone gets the same number of eggs!
  4. Turn the egg hunt into a scavenger hunt. One Easter egg hunt clue leads to another, ending at the prize. A great idea for teams.
  5. Put small prizes inside plastic toy eggs instead of sweets. Gum, stickers, coins, bunny-shape soaps, and IOUs for fun outings make good surprises.
  6. Turn the egg hunt into a treasure hunt; make a map the kids have to follow in order to find the prize. Give them pirate outfits and put the prize in a treasure box (which you can bury if you want).
  7. Slow down the hunt by making it into a relay race. Have the children line up in teams. The first ones go out. When they find an egg they come back and tag the next team member, who goes out to find another egg.
  8. Hide eggs of four different colours. Put the children in two teams. Each team has to find the eggs of two colours (e.g., red eggs and yellow eggs or blue eggs and green eggs). When they find the eggs they put them in a bucket. The team with the most eggs wins a prize.
  9. If you want an alternative to plastic eggs and candy, hide Cascarones, which are brightly coloured eggs filled with confetti. According to Mexican tradition, breaking a Cascarone over someone’s head brings luck. To make your confetti-filled eggs, check out our previous DIY post.
  10. Fortune cookie eggs are a new twist for Easter. Put a fun fortune inside each egg. Have a good laugh when the children read out their fortunes.
  11. Shake things up a bit with a piñata. Make a big one in the shape of a bunny or baby chick and fill it with fun stuff. Give the kids empty paper towel rolls to hit it with.
  12. A great Easter egg hunt idea is to hunt at dusk, just as the sun is setting. Give everyone a flashlight or headlamp. Glow-in-the-dark eggs make this really fun.
If you like these ideas (or have more to share) let us know. Share the article on Facebook or Google + or leave us some comments. And have fun!!   Image Credit: Image 1: Laytons Chance Image 2: Blogspot  


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