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Get Creative: 4 Recycled Gardening Ideas in 6 Seconds

Posted by Bridgman on

Gardeners can save money, contribute less to landfills, and simplify gardening tasks by re-purposing common household items for plant care. Recycling is great, but this is even better! We've gathered four great ideas to get you started; and once you start you'll find it's hard to stop thinking of clever ways to re-use products you have on hand in order to make life better for you and your plants and save resources.

Winter Wrapping

Don't throw out the bubble wrap that arrives with packages. Instead, use it to wrap plants that need a little extra protection over the cold winter months. Burlap is the standard for winter wrapping; by blanketing your pots with bubble wrap under the burlap you get an extra level of protection for your sensitive plants.

Drainage Dilemma

Here's a gardener's dilemma. Your potted plants need drainage to let excess water drain out, but how do you stop soil from draining out with the water? For the solution think of a common household item that lets water pass through it but not solids. It's more common than cheesecloth. That's right! Coffee filters. A basket type filter at the bottom of each pot will let the water drain out slowly, but keep the soil where it belongs – in the pot. And yes, used filters work fine; just wash them out first!

Watering Wonder

If you are tired of buying a new watering can every time yours breaks or gets lost in the garden, make one from an ordinary plastic litre bottle. Just poke holes in the top and you've got a perfect sprinkling watering can. Since they're so easy to make you can have the luxury of stationing watering cans in several different locations inside and out.

Holiday Care

Worried about watering your houseplants while you are on holiday? Save up your empty wine bottles. When you are getting ready to leave, fill each bottle with water, cork them, then drill a small hole in each cork. Just before you walk out the door upend the bottles in your plant pots. Depending on the type of plant, its size, and how long you will be away from home, you may need one or two or maybe even three bottles per pot. Got any great gardening tips of your own? Leave a comment below and we'll look to feature it in a future post.


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