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The Gardener's Guide


As flowers blossom, plants give fruit and the sun shines down, there's plenty to harvest, weed and prune in June...


    • Check your plants daily and water them if the soil is dry, especially newly planted trees and shrubs.
    • Keep on top of weeding to prevent your plants from competing for water, light, and nutrients.
    • Pick sweet peas as soon as they flower to encourage more blooms.
    • As new shoots grow, use soft ties to train climbing plants to their supports.
    • If youre roses are repeat-flowering types, dead-head them.
    • Although your fruit trees will naturally shed some fruit, aim to thin out congested branches further for bigger and better fruits to harvest later in the summer.
    • If you have a pond, continue to remove blanket weed to allow the plants and fish room to breathe.


    • Harvest...
      • ...flower heads from lavender plants to use in baking and crafting.
      • ...salad crops and resow every 2 weeks for a constant supply of leaves.
      • ...first early potatoes (normally ready about 10 weeks after planting).
      • ...the last harvests of asparagus, leaving the ferny top-growth to grow up over the summer.

Celebrate every special moment this summer


    • As the weather warms up, plant floating pond plants.
    • Fill any gaps in your garden with texture and colour by planting foliage bedding.
    • Sow runner beans, french beans and beetroot directly in the ground.
    • Harden off and plant tender vegetables like squash, courgettes and tomatoes.


    • If you didn't get round to sowing seed this year, order popular plants and vegetable plants online. Stock up on mixed salad leaf seeds for a quick crop of fresh salad, as well as herb plants, autumn salads and pea and bean plants
    • Order bedding seeds and sow when they arrive for flowers in spring.

Written by Francesca Hadland


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