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Garden Wall Art: Trending in Outdoor Living

Posted by Bridgman on

Garden wall art is a new and exciting trend in outdoor living. Whatever your style, you can make or buy wall art that will enliven your garden and enhance your outdoor living space. In a previous post we shared 20 unique ideas of garden wall art, but we had so much more to share with you, so here are some of our favourites.

#1 Moss Graffiti

Have you ever noticed how plants take over empty spaces? Use that to your advantage and direct the plants that emerge from your wall to form inspiring words.

#2 Tool Mosaics

Turn old garden tools into garden wall art. Attach small pieces of ceramic to spades and rakes you find in your garden shed or at a thrift shop. Watch the transformation from useful tool to piece of exciting wall art.

#3 Writing on the Wall

With yarn and nails you can write your special words or phrase on your garden fence. Just outline the letters on the fence in pencil, hammer nails halfway in at all the corners, then wind yarn around the nails.

#4 Recycled Garden Fence Flowers

Brightly-coloured flowers made from recycled objects will make your neighbours smile. Find large round flat items like wreath frames or pieces of iron. Spray paint them bright colours and hang them on your fence. Cut up an old extension cord for the stems.

#5 Mosaic Gardens Wall Art

The mosaic gardens in the city of Philadelphia are modern versions of traditional folk art. Elaborate designs on city walls carry you to another time and place.

#6 Colour Block Murals

One of the simplest ways to create unique wall art is to paint right on your wall. Blocks of colour applied to cement walls bring excitement and depth to a small garden area.

#7 Custom Wall Installations

Custom designed walls use hand selected wood reclaimed from gym flooring, siding, and barn wood. Originally crafted for indoor commercial spaces, they could serve equally well as outdoor wall art.

#8 Department Store Wall Art

Once you start looking for garden wall art you’ll find it in the most unexpected places. A façade of a New York department store is the source of a wall of multi-coloured three-dimensional hemispheres.

#9 Mirror Mirror on the Wall

There’s nothing like a mirror to make a space look larger. Try hanging a mirror on a wall or fence so it reflects a particularly special part of your garden.

#10 DIY Shutter Art

Old shutters are coming back to life in all different guises. In one version flower pots with trailing plants hang from a weathered shutter attached to a brick wall.

#11 Porch Rules

Remind your friends that porches are for relaxing with a vinyl sign you can hang as wall art. Choose your colour and size. Signs will stick to any clean, flat surface.

#12 Lattice Wall Art

Cedar lattice is a natural addition to a garden wall. Whether you find it or buy it, it’s easy to hang, and you can add decorations or functional containers to it.

#13 Rake Wreath

This idea came just as that broken-handled rake was about to end its life in the trash. Just mount the old metal rake on the garden wall and drape it with vines and dried flowers for fanciful outdoor wreath.

#14 Hula-Hoop Wall Art

If blank walls surround your garden hula-hoop wreaths will make that space pop. Just cover the hoops with leaf garland and hang them up, overlapping them to create dynamic spaces between the arcs of the hoops.

#15 Vintage Bird Cages

In times gone by pet birds lived in grand cages, designed to suit the current styles. Clever DIY-ers are finding many uses for these intriguing cages, including arranging several on a fence as wall art.

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to garden wall art. Do you have a favourite among ours? Share it on Facebook and Google+ and see what others think.


Pictures Credits: Featured Image: Stephen Jones Image 1: Anna Garforth Image 2: Planting happiness Image 3: Beyond Beyond Image 4: Shawna Coronado Image 5: Philly Magic Gardens Image 6: for Arts Sake Image 7: Etsy - RandRDesignworks Image 8: Hgtv - Photograph by Harry Gils Image 9: Cococozy Image 10: Indulgy Image 11: Etsy - VinylDesignsByCJ Image 12: Funky Junks Interiors Image 13: Miss Effie's Diary Image 14: Polyvore Image 15: Squidoo


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