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How Garden Wall Art Can Bring Your Garden to Life

Posted by Bridgman on

Many gardeners are artists at heart. We just love to design our exterior living spaces with plenty of comfort, colour and texture. Long a favourite inclusion in classical gardens, garden wall art is on the rise in modern homes as well. From iron and metal wall sculptures to thriving framed gardens with live plants on display, the walls of our homes, sheds, and garages provide the perfect venue for added flare.  

Static Wall Art

We must be mindful of the climate, and avoid hanging garden art that will deteriorate or rot in the moisture. Leave canvas pieces and watercolours inside, but feel free to bring out items built from durable materials like steel, stone or fired ceramics.Picture below shows a good example. You'll find a wide range of wall medallions and flat sculptures that add personality to your garden space. But with a little imagination you can move beyond the store-bought versions and create garden wall art of your own. Shop the local antique shops and garage sales, looking for old iron floor grates, mirrors, heavy picture frames and other items that can double as garden art. Picture frames help to direct your focus, and hanging mirrors adds depth and the illusion of more space. Old iron grates can be mounted to brick or simply left to lean for a casual look. Create your own pieces with fieldstone and other rocks – towers of stone or dry stone walls can act like sculpture, while smaller pebbles can be used to complement Japanese-style fountains. Asian inspired gardens include a Buddha statue or two, while Celtic knots and other intricate designs work well in eclectic gardens. Extend your interior living space outside with wall clocks and thermometers. These handy pieces are both attractive and practical. Sundials evoke a bygone era and stone or ceramic pillars can be used as structural components or simply for looks.  

Live Wall Art

    Consistency in your interior and exterior décor creates synergy, but you’ll want to distinguish the garden in some way. Capture the enchantment of sunshine and fresh air with live garden wall art, like a simple DIY vertical garden. Using an old pallet, landscape fabric and your favourite plants, this weekend project will dress up the garden nicely. Lean it against a brick wall or garden fence to provide a unique focal point in your garden.
  • Live wall art engages multiple senses, creating a beautiful view and pleasant smell. Fill this rustic vertical garden with fragrant herbs that will fill your patio or deck with delicious scents like basil, lemon balm and sage. Some of these herbs also help to repel flying pests, allowing your family to rest peacefully and unbothered in the garden.
Another easy way to create live garden art is with an old ladder. Use pots in wide range of colours, shapes and sizes, perched or mounted to the rungs, to create a rainbow of foliage and flowers that rivals the most beautiful paintings. Combined with the DIY vertical garden and a few pieces of static wall art, these repurposed household items dress up your outdoor space with style.     Perfect for modern homes decorated in any style, a mixed selection of garden wall art creates a cozy atmosphere in your garden. Shop the stores, look for items in the antique shops and plan to build a DIY vertical garden. Express your personality and have fun creating an outdoor space to love.   You may also be interested in: Vertical Gardens: Grow Up Garden Design: How to Make a Great First Impression How to Design a Rooftop Garden   Image Credit: Image 1, Image 3 Latest post update: 27/06/2013.


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