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Society of Garden Designers Awards: a selection of the winning projects

Posted by Bridgman on

For over 30 years, the Society of Garden Designers (SGD) has been the leading professional association for garden designers in the UK. Just two years ago the Society started its awards program as a celebration of members’ creativity and commitment to excellence. Society chair Juliet Sargent describes the SGD awards this way: “The awards are a unique opportunity to take a glimpse into the world of garden design.” At a gala awards ceremony on January 24, 2014, awards were presented in 18 distinct categories, each with specific rules. Following are the rules for 7 of the categories, along with the judges’ reasons for choosing the winning entries for 2013.  

1. International Award

Rules: Any garden or landscape project outside of mainland UK.

- Sally Court won the SDG award (category "International") for the project Barvikha Gardens

Judges’ comments: “A very difficult brief successfully implemented to create a sophisticated and accomplished piece of design…”  

2. Public or Commercial Outdoor Space

Rules: Outdoor space for any communally used public, semi-public, or commercial outdoor space of any space within mainland UK. May be public or commercial ownership and use. Examples: Commercially funded pocket park, outside space for care home or hospice, playspace, hotel or office garden, or public park.

- John Wyer won the SDG award (category "Public or Commercial Outdoor space") for the project The Collection

Judges’ comments:An interesting layout and clever use of a narrow space…”  

3. Large Residential

Rules: For any domestic project over 2,000m2 within mainland UK.

- Andrew Wilson won the SDG award (category "Large Residential Garden") for the project Hertfordshire Garden

Judges’ comments: “A clever design that integrates with the style of the house and creates a great feeling of space and cohesion.”  

4. Medium Residential

Rules: For any domestic project of less than 2,000m2 within mainland UK.

- Amanda Patton won the SDG award (category "Medium Residential Garden") for the project Somerset Garden

Judges’ comments: “A sophisticated piece of design that has transformed the site and made the garden feel much larger…”  

5. Small Residential

Rules: For any domestic project of less than 100m2 , including courtyards roof terraces, front gardens. Within mainland UK.

- Andy Sturgeon won the SDG award (category "Small Residential Garden") for the project Vermeer Garden

Judges’ comments: “This is a clever use of long, linear space with excellent detailing that connects both ends of the garden…”  

6. Big Design, Small Budget

Rules: For any domestic project where the total budget does not exceed 20,000 pounds, within mainland UK.

- Christine Whatley won the SDG award (category "Big Design Small Budget") for the project Kinesis

Judges’ comments: “The project covered a large, challenging area with a good design and a clever use of budget.”  

18. The Grand Award

Rules: The winner of winners, open to those shortlisted in categories 1-6.

- Andrew Wilson won the SDG award (category "Grand Award") for the project Hertfordshire Garden

Judges’ comments: “A contemporary design has been layered with the historic landscape to create an exciting and serene composition.”   SGD invites the public to choose the winner of the 2014 People’s Choice Award by voting for their favourite designs from the shortlisted projects. Image credits: SGD Awards


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