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Garden Design Trends at Chelsea Flower Show 2017

Posted by Bridgman on

Every year the Royal Horticultural Society kicks off Chelsea Flower Show, where plant fashionistas, high-profile designers, die-hard landscapers and gardening enthusiasts gather to enjoy the best of the best in the home and garden space.

Whether you were able to attend Chelsea Flower Show or not, one thing is for certain - several trends for your garden kept cropping up all over the show ground!

Tulips at Chelsea Flower Show 2017

1. Wall Niches

The vibrant and eye-catching Inland Homes: Beneath a Mexican Sky included a neon pink wall into which inset small niches with glass jars of succulents. This created a visually interesting ornamental element that you can easily recreate in your own home. If you don’t already have wall niches built into your home, be on the lookout for organic niches in stone walls, tree trunks, and any other negative space available to place small and playful décor.
Inland Homes: Beneath a Mexican Sky at Chelsea Flower Show 2017

2. Copper Elements

Copper elements were seen in several gardens this year. Some were featured in a very subtle way as the soft bronze was worked into several stone walls as a stylish cooling system like in the Viking Cruises Garden. For the extra drama, the Seedlip Garden showcased copper piping twisting in and out of the wildlife.
Seedlip Garden's Outdoor Apothecary

3. All Weather Outdoor Furniture

With the weather getting warmer and the days getting longer, now is the season for afternoon gatherings in your garden or evening cookouts to entertain guests. Many of the exhibits showcased hidden seating areas and functional outdoor lounging sets to get the most of your garden space. For a small space, try the Evesham Square Dining Table with Evesham Dining Armchairs in Pebble. If you love hosting friends and family, go for a larger set with the Bali 330cm Oval Dining Table. Throw in a Red Devil Ceramic BBQ and you are all set to entertain this summer and well into the autumn months.
Bridgman 330cm Bali Oval Dining Table

4. Umbells

Umbells are a type of Inflorescence with tall architectural stalks and are often loved for their showy heads of flowers. Many different versions of this plant could be found all over Chelsea this year from the green flowered Angelica archangelica in the Morgan Stanley Garden to the pink flowers Pimpinella major rosea in the Linklaters Garden. Now is a perfect time to incorporate this trend into your summer gardens as June-August are when these resilient plants show off their colourful buds. Experiment with planting them between the nooks and crannies of stone walls for an organic, wildlife feel.
Green Umbells in the Morgan Stanley Garden at Chelsea 2017

5. Water

Many of the gardens this year featured elements of water. The M&G Garden included a small plunge pool, while the RHS Greening Grey Britain Garden had a shallow pool with concrete planting pockets as a focal point in the display. Water has been used in landscaping for hundreds of years as a soothing element, typically believed to emit positive energy. If you are interested in tips for a calming garden, check out our blog post on how to make your garden a “zen place.”
Subtle water features in the RHS: Greening Grey Britain Garden 2107

Feeling inspired? We would love to hear about the design trends you have incorporated into your own garden!

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