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Garden Design for Busy Lifestyles

Posted by Bridgman on

It may sound a bit counter intuitive, but the easiest way to maintain a garden is to put in the work first. As with countless other endeavours, a little research and a solid plan can go a long way towards averting future headaches.  


Structure is key. Not only will it help give your garden an orderly feel when you don’t have time to put into maintaining it at season’s peak, but a strong shape will give your garden an instant personality. Make sure to take into account the most logical spots for accommodating walking paths, planting beds, and how much space you’ll need for whatever furniture you have picked out.  


How much sun does your garden get? Pick plants well suited for your garden’s light and moisture level, which might very well vary from spot to spot depending on its exposure. The more well suited a plant is for a spot, the less it will demand in return for healthy growth and flowering. Don’t want to spend too much time gardening? Pick low maintenance perennials and shrubs that won’t need extra pruning or fertilization to keep them in tiptop shape.  


This is the time to figure out what colours you just can’t live without in your garden. Cool colour schemes, such as blue, purples and soft pinks can lend a soothing air to a garden. Contrasting and hot colours, such as red, yellow and orange can give a lovely jolt within a sea of green. Can’t decide on colours? An all white garden is both classic and pretty, emphasizing texture and shape over colour. Don’t want anything too busy? Plant two or three of your favourite plants in large drifts for a naturalistic, yet modern look.  


Any avid gardener knows that flipping through plant catalogues is akin to letting a child loose in a candy store. The wild colours, varying textures, and beguiling shapes of new and exciting plants beg constantly to be incorporated into your garden. A constant challenge for any garden, especially a low maintenance one, is not straying too far from to the original scheme.  


Planting in containers can be a great option for busy people. Not only do the containers help make a garden seem more comfortably lived-in, but they are a great way to introduce annuals and new plants into the garden. Containers can also be used to grow herbs in a grouping, and at a more convenient height for picking. Replacing containers can be a wonderful and easy way to give your garden a fresh new look from year to year.  


Choosing durable outdoor fabrics and low maintenance all weather outdoor furniture (like this) is equally as important as picking out the right plants. The right furniture can be left outside all year round, whether or not you they have cushions. Invest in high quality pieces that will stand up to the test of time and weather. Stackable pieces are an added bonus – extra chairs be tucked out of the way until needed. Outdoor living spaces can be a wonderful indulgence after a busy day. They create a chance for family and friends to gather, and reconnect with each other. With the right components in place, you can spend the bulk of your time relaxing in your garden instead of working in it. Image Credit: Image 1  


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