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What your front door says about you

Posted by Bridgman on

It is a known fact that first impressions are everything – but a lot of people tend to forget that their front door is a visitor’s first impression of you and your home. It portrays and sums up your overall style and gives visitors a preview of what to expect inside. In Feng Shui, the front entrance is referred to as ‘the mouth of chi’. Everything that enters the front door, carries either positive or negative energy. In this Chinese art, the ‘mouth of Chi’ is the most powerful space of your house. This is where luck, opportunities and blessings arrive. So, make an effort to welcome them in. To achieve this, the front door should be in line with your interior design and garden. How the front door appears to your guests is related to the material in which it is made.   Wooden Doors A wooden door represents classic values. Wood has a rustic feel and gives a great country look. It provides a pleasant atmosphere and touches a set of feelings that are deep and warm and gives your guests an immediate sensation of being accepted and well considered. Teak, a tropical hardwood, is the way to go. This type of wood is famous for its quality, durability and elegance, perfect if you want to showcase your sense of style.   Metal Doors A metal front door communicates strength and modernity. They fit perfectly with modern and futuristic styles. …   Glass Doors Glass doors are not common, and usually appear in mansions that were designed to support an alternative entrance.   Colour The colour your front door is painted is important too. There is a complex variety of colour meanings in different cultures, and you could find out that those interpretations change a lot from country to country. Red Doors are considered to draw positive energy to the house in Feng Shui, and also in the Chinese culture this colour is considered to be lucky and sacred. Did you know that Albert Einstein had his door painted in red so that he could find it! Blue Doors are considered to create an atmosphere of calm and loyalty that brings a sense of peace to your guests and family when they come into your house. In Feng Shui it has a watery designation suggesting wisdom, confidence, abundance and prosperity. Green Doors are the perfect choice if you wish to communicate peace, safety, renewal and harmony. This colour in China is the expression of the cycle of life and growth. Did you know that green also has a calming effect, and colour therapists use it to help reduce stress, headaches and other minor medical issues? For those that are more practical dark green is the colour that is commonly associated with money. Black Doors are considered to be very formal and prestigious giving a timeless and elegant look. In Feng Shui this colour is full of mystery and sophistication. It is the colour of night, and is used to add strength and definition to your entrance. What about White Doors? Their meaning is related with purity, serenity, innocence and virtue. It is considered to be the colour of perfection. White Doors are the right selection for those who love organisation and cleanliness. Now you have a lot of clues for choosing your perfect front door. Which one is your favourite? Add a comment and let us know!   Image Credits: Featured image Image 1 Monarchcustomdoors Image 2 Pinterest Image 3 Sans Soucie Image 4 Freshome


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