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Folding furniture

Posted by Bridgman on

New spacing-saving furniture combines style and functionality Space-saving designs in furniture have come a long way from the bulky (and uncomfortable) convertible couches. With attention to engineering, style, and function, new space-savers are the perfect solution for small spaces and growing families. The lack of decent housing approaches the point of crisis in many urban areas. Multi-purpose, space-saving furnishings offer a creative solution to housing problems; they allow residents to live in smaller spaces, without giving up the comfort and functionality of larger homes.   Space-saving Wall Storage Unit Turns into Desk Multi-purpose furnishings are deceiving at first glance, often looking like standard pieces of furniture. But with the flick of the hand, an ordinary-looking wall unit transforms into a fully functional desk with lights, shelves, and plenty of space for your computer. As more and more people choose to work from home, transforming furniture provides the office space they need without intruding on the family space when work is done for the day.   Transforming Beds Contemporary space-saving beds improve on Murphy beds, futons, bunk beds, and other earlier space-saving designs. What looks like an entertainment system, shelving unit, table, or desk during the day becomes a comfortable bed at night. With clever engineering, recharging your living space is as easy as making your bed – maybe even easier. Imagine having friends over for dinner and watching your favourite shows. After your friends go home, you clear away the dishes (sorry, the furniture won’t do that!), fold the table and chairs away and pull down your bed. All in one room.   Mona Lisa Folding Chairs Like Superman, the painting on the wall can change into something else entirely. Take Mona Lisa off the wall, unfold it and you have a unique, yet totally sensible, chair. These handy seats solve the problem of where to store the folding chairs. When you’re not using them you hang them on the wall – a solution both practical and charming.   Space-saving Modular Designs Practical and stylish modular designs make the most of small spaces. Imagine a kitchen and dining unit all in one! When not needed this cooking unit slides neatly under a parson’s table. When it’s time to dine, slide the unit out, make dinner, and eat it at the parson’s table and foldaway benches. The designers and manufacturers of space-saving furniture are problem solvers; they come up with creative solutions that make our lives easier and simpler. Space-saving designs allow us to expand the use of our space without expanding the space itself, giving more people the opportunity to live comfortably without taking on added expenses. Share this article on Facebook, Google or pin the pictures on Pinterest. Image credits: Featured image: Parentips Image 1: Homedit Image 2: Home-designing Image 3: Treehugger Image 4: HCPHC  


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