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February gardening calendar

Posted by Bridgman on

In February we will be able to see the first signs of spring. This means there is lots to do in the garden in order to prepare for the weather changes. Below you will find information on what needs to be done this month.  

Pruning ornamental grasses

Ornamental grasses such as Stipa are ready to be pruned back. Once every five years, the grass has to be divided into four parts with a shovel and replanted. Tip: Alliums and Daffodils are a perfect combination with ornamental grasses. For more information on pruning tools, visit the BBC's website.  

Prune rose bush

Prune the roses by removing all of the dead wood and inwards growing branches. Make sure to leave enough strong branches with a minimum height of 15 cm / 5 inches. After the pruning, apply a layer of rose fertiliser around the base of the rosebush. Do you want to achieve a rose arch? Plant the bush at the base of the arch this month. Tip: Pruning a rosebush can also be done in March. For more on pruning roses, visit The English Garden's website.  

Prune hedges

In order to obtain a well-trimmed hedge, especially for robust ones such as the Privet, trim the them as much as possible in February. If your hedge already is the preferred size, it is sufficient to only cut off the extended branches.


Warm up tub plants

The tub plants need a little more sun and water this month. Water these plants only when there is no frost expected. Give a moderate amount of water in the afternoon in order for the plants to slightly dry up towards the night-time.



Multiple types of plants, trees and bushes are ready to get pruned- among others; Ivy, Clematis, Winter Jasmine and Winter-Flowering Heathers. In case it has frozen for a longer period of time, avoid doing this. If you want to sow Geraniums, use small containers and cover them with cling film. Place them in a warm place with direct daylight, for example your window ledge. Make sure to regularly water the soil and to transplant the Geraniums when they start to set in. In May they will be ready to be moved outdoors.


Re-potting container plants

Re-pot the container plants, prune them and provide them with fresh soil. Put a nutrition tablet in the soil to provide the plant with enough nutrition for the entire year. For more information on how to treat pots, visit another one of our posts.  

Sow tomatoes

Sow your tomatoes in a greenhouse. Tomatoes take a long time to germinate and fully develop above the soil. You will be able to harvest the tomatoes in July when sowing them this month. For more information on sowing tomatoes, visit BBC's website.   So there you have it, the most important things to do in the garden for this month. If you found these tips useful, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you are first to find out about March's gardening calendar.   Image credits: Image 1: Nick's Greenleaf Gardens Image 2: Rose Gardening Made Easy Image 3: Deviant Art Image 4: Plusroom Image 5: The Staffing Stream Image 6: Arizona Pottery Image 7: Gardening Know How


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