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How to Dress Your Garden For the Diamond Jubilee

Posted by Bridgman on

2012 is a big year for Britain, with many occasions throughout the summer months placing the spotlight upon the UK. One of most celebrated events this year is the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, with people up and down Britain enjoying a four day weekend which begins on June 2nd. If you’re looking to spruce up your garden and bring a little patriotism to your own oasis, there are several ways to do it, even at this short notice.   One of the joys of gardening is that plants come in a huge variety of colours and types. This means that you can easily coordinate plants to your heart’s content, and this weekend hues of red, white and blue are, unsurprisingly, set to be very popular. Annuals can be great plants for instant and vibrant colour, and flowers such as pelargoniums can easily be found in red and white varieties. Petunias are also widely available in red and white, and there are a number of blue and violet shades of this species too, allowing you to combine several plants and hues into a patriotic colour scheme. Lobelia, meanwhile, has a fantastic and intense blue variety which is ideal for pairing with other red and white annual flowers. If you want to create a planting scheme that will last a little longer than the designs created with short lived annuals, then you can turn to some of the nation’s favourite perennial plants. Red and white roses (right) will look fantastic together whether in a pot or placed in a border. Place a blue flowering clematis at the back of the pot or growing up a trellis behind the roses, and you instantly have the ideal patriotic scheme. Alternatively, you could use blue lobelia to plant under red and white roses for instant impact.   If you’re throwing a party, then it’s vital that you ensure that garden furniture is cleaned and laid out so as to entice people into the garden. Here you can also bring a touch of patriotism, and colour can be easily brought to furniture by the use of cushions. You could buy cushions with the British flag on them, or take a more subtle approach and accessorise with red, white and blue cushions, pillows and throws. This is a quick and simple way to transform your garden furniture to get that instant Diamond Jubilee feel.   Whilst bringing the colours of Britain to your garden is an important aspect of preparing for a Diamond Jubilee occasion, it’s also vital to remember to dress your garden with your guests comfort in mind. Though the past couple of weeks have been stiflingly hot, there is a chance of rain this weekend, and so you might like to ensure that you have a gazebo on hand in case the heavens open. A patio heater could also be an ideal option for keeping partiers warm as the evening draws on, whilst purchasing a couple of citronella candles will help keep mosquitoes off your guests. And, with this royal event almost upon us, these quick tips will help you have an appropriately themed garden in no time.


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