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DIY Planter Box

Posted by Bridgman on

Whatever reasons you have to make DIY projects, it seems to be more and more trendy. Just have a look on Pinterest, you'll find countless ideas. For those who are not familiar with us, we're designers and manufacturers of Luxury Outdoor Furniture. Because we deliver most of our orders on pallets, then bring them back to our warehouses, we have literally hundreds of pallets sitting at our head office in London. On Eco-Friendly and re-use purposes, we want to share with you our favourites DIY made from pallets.

After the DIY Pallet Furniture Set and the DIY Vertical Garden, here is a new project to embellish your garden before spring!

If your fingers are itching to get out in the garden, but the growing season’s not quite here, you can get in the spirit of gardening by making a rustic DIY planter box. Rustic is the keyword here: it’s meant to be imperfect, so if you can hammer a nail even partway straight, you can build this planter box.


1. Gather Materials and Supplies

If you can find an old pallet to tear apart, you can make this planter for almost no money, just the price of some nails and a little paint.

You need two lengths of wood for each of the long side boards. Two-to-three feet is a good length, but that’s up to you.

Six inches is a good width for a planter, so you will need two pieces of wood that are six inches wide and about fifteen inches long. These are the end boards.

This planter has a top, just for decoration, so you will need boards for the top. These need to be as long as the planter.

Sometimes a lumberyard will cut your wood to size for free or for a small fee. Or you can cut the wood to size yourself with a saw.


2. Make the Box

Lay out the side boards six inches apart. Place the end boards between the side boards and nail the side boards to the end boards.

Lay the top boards across the top of the end boards. Either nail or glue the top boards to the end boards.

Oh, by the way, the box has no bottom, so that’s one less thing you have to do.


3. Decorate the Planter

We painted our box with a white latex paint we had around the house, but that’s up to you. You don’t need much. Let the paint dry overnight.

If you want to follow through on the rustic theme, sand the paint a little with a medium-grit sandpaper to reveal some of the wood and make the planter look worn.

You can leave the box like this or decorate it with stencils.


4. Plant your Planter

Fill the planter two-thirds of the way with a well-drained container mix. Plant whatever plants you would like to grow and water them in well.

Remember, this planter does not have a bottom, so you can’t move it. Place it where you want it to stay, and be sure to choose plants that grow well in that location. Or, you can do it the other way around: decide on your plants, find the right location, then plant.

Herbs are good choices for small planters like this one. Select plants with various aromas, leaf shapes, and colours. For added interest, choose some that grow upright and others that trail down.

One more word of advice: Don’t be over-eager. Wait until the temperature is warm enough before you plant any tender herbs or flowers.

If you have tried this or any other upcycling projects using pallets we would love to see the results.

Also, if you haven't seen it already, why not find out How to Make Wooden Flower Boxes Out of Old Furniture

Tutorial & Images Credits: Christina's Adventures


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