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DIY Outdoor Bar Ideas

Posted by Bridgman on

Whether you serve alcohol, beer, or soft drinks, if you entertain outdoors you need a way to serve up the liquid refreshments. Here are easy outdoor bar ideas that require more creativity than money or skill.

#1 Wheelbarrow Cooler

Fill up the wheelbarrow with ice and keep your bottles cold in this moveable ice bucket. You might want to line the wheelbarrow with plastic before you add the ice. Couldn’t be easier!

#2 Fold-Down Bar

A fold-down bar is just like a fold-down shelf. The only difference is that instead of paper and pens it holds glasses and bottles for an afternoon drink. You’ll need to be a bit handy with tools to build this outdoor bar.

#3 Upcycled Vintage Door Outdoor Bar Idea

Old doors keep their charm well after their useful days are over. Add shelves, vintage spindles, and a classic bottle opener for a 100% unique outdoor bar. If you love searching for found objects, this is a great DIY project for you.

#4 Pallet Bar

The humble and versatile pallet sees new life as a bar for an outdoor party. To avoid chemically treated wood, look for the letters ‘HT’ (for heat-treated) on the pallet.

#5 Cinder Blocks and Wood Bar

Nothing could be simpler than laying boards across a base of cinderblocks to create an outdoor bar. Choose wood that can withstand the elements for this outdoor bar idea.

#6 Ladder Bar

Take one wood ladder and lay boards across the rungs to create shelves. Set up a colourful array of glasses and drinks for a simple and charming outdoor bar.

#7 Country Bar

Here’s a DIY outdoor bar idea that requires no skill to make. Lay an old door across bales of straw or hay. Easy to put up, easy to take down.

#8 Tipple Trolley

Sometimes even avid DIYers need to go out and buy what they need. Aptly called ‘tipple trolley’, this two-tiered bar cart holds everything from swizzle sticks and ice to bottles and glasses. Choose a wheeled trolley and you can serve your guests wherever they are in the garden.

Tutorial for Metal Pipe Outdoor Bar

Now that you are inspired by these easy outdoor bar ideas, here’s a tutorial for making your own metal pipe bar cart. You don’t have to be a furniture maker to put together this handy cart with two shelves.

You will need:

  • ½” galvanized steel pipes and connectors
  • Steel strapping
  • 2 pieces of wood for shelves (each 1” x 12” x 36”)
  • Wood stain

  1. Stain the boards.
  2. Use steel strapping to secure the pipes to the undersides of the shelves.

  1. Lay the bottom shelf on the ground with the strapping facing down.

  1. Add connectors and pipe to the pipe under the bottom shelf. This vertical piping should extend above the top shelf to act as a railing.
  2. Connect the pipe under the top shelf to the vertical pipes.

You can add casters to make a rolling cart and a rack for glasses, if you want.

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Pictures Credits: Featured Image: Adapted from Barbara Dieu Image 1: Style Me Pretty Image 2: Turtles and Tails Image 3: Finding Home Image 4: Brazos Valley Bride Image 5: BHG Image 6: Wedding Chicks Image 7: Pinterest Image 8: HGTV Tutorial and pictures: A Life Designed


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