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DIY Headboards For Your Home

Posted by Bridgman on

DIY Headboards Projects Fancy changing the look of your bedroom? Well, we've got just the thing: a new DIY headboard. After all, our beds really are the focal point of our bedrooms. Give yours a little extra boost with these make-your-own headboard projects. Not only are they easy to create, they don't cost as much as buying one from the big furniture stores. Make a strong design statement, go for a traditional vintage look, or try something a bit more whimsical; we have the ideas and the tutorials for all styles of headboards. So what are you waiting for? Create a little DIY headboards magic in the bedroom with these top headboard design ideas:

Vintage Shutter Headboard

An elegant idea to bring a bit of old fashioned style to the boudoir. These antique shutters are sanded, painted then pieced together to form this gorgeous headboard. There's so much character in this idea that going to bed will seem like a treat.

A huge thank you to Samantha Elizabeth for this great tutorial.

Old Door Headboard

While we're on the subject of re purposing, here's another great idea for you. Old doors are being used for all sorts of things these days – coffee tables, shelving, even headboards, and why not? The wonderful detailing on these pieces bring so much character to a room. What's more, they're pretty easy to transform. A bit of paint, a lot of sanding, you can also add a moulding to the top so you have a shelf to stack things on.

We love the old door tutorial over at vintage revivals.

Diamond Buttoned Headboard

How gorgeous is this headboard? To make a headboard like this, start by deciding on the shape you'd like - high and imposing, or perhaps long and rectangular? Draw the shape out on paper, then use it as template to cut your piece of wood. Once the wood is cut to your desired shape, simply cover it in thick foam and mark on where you want the detailing to go. Take your time with this step, or you could end up with a wonky diamond. Finally cover the board with material and add the buttons. If you're after a bit of a project, this one is for you.

Check out the full tutorial here at living with punks. Buttoned Down Headboard

If diamonds aren't your thing, but you're still after a simple, traditional look, then try this wonderful tufted headboard. You don't need any fancy equipment and you can shape or colour it to suit your style. The perfect way to transform any bedroom.

Check out this seriously easy tutorial over at Classy Clutter. Old Pallet Headboard

Take several old pallets, pull them to pieces, fasten the planks together vertically and you've got yourself a gorgeous rustic-looking headboard. Actually, it's not quite that simple (there's a bit of painting and sanding involved too) but the end result will make an amazing addition to any bedroom. Build it up high to give your bedroom a loftier feel and really add some drama. For more inspirational designs made from pallets click here.

Thanks to the rooster and the hen for this awesome tutorial. Slip Cover

If you already have a headboard but want a change, why not try making a slip cover? It's a simple way to update a basic wooden headboard. Choose a bold print, a subtle pallet, or go for a monogram - a really cute way to brighten up a child's bedroom.

See the full tutorial over at hgtv.

Mantelpiece Headboard

You don't have to have a fireplace to have a mantelpiece headboard. Add an original feature to your room and not only will it look stylish, you'll have some extra space for photos, books and other knick-knacks. Plus, as you're making it yourself, you can paint it whatever colour you want – a luxury most listed properties don't have. Creating your own original feature is easy with this tutorial from Ana White. Rope Art Headboard

Fancy something a little different? Look no further. Create a simple wooden frame, drill a few holes, then add the rope decoration. Choose colours that contrast well with your bedroom. This design idea is a definitive favourite with children as they can hang pictures and photos off the ropes. Thanks to poppy talk for this great idea. Window Headboard

Incredibly simple and extremely stylish, old window frames make unique and rustic-looking headboards. Simply remove the glass and fill the gaps with the design of your choice. Go for bright bold colours, or delicate floral designs, either way you're left with a fantastic addition to any bedroom which can be changed as often as your style does. Artistic designs such as this can also be used for creating an Art gallery style wall. Check out the full tutorial over at bhg. Stencilled Headboard

You don't need to be a great artist to turn your boudoir into a work of art. Stencilling is a simple way to add an intricate pattern or bold print to any surface. Turn your existing headboard into something special, or fashion a new one out of reclaimed wood. Head over to paint and pattern for a great tutorial. So what do you think? Best of all, a lot of these headboard design ideas can be completed in a day. So why not get stuck in and turn your bedroom into a boudoir? Don't keep these tutorials to yourself; share the designs on Facebook, twitter or Google+.


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