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DIY Flower Pots: 3 tutorials to Renew Plant Containers

Posted by Bridgman on

Let's celebrate Spring by giving a new look to our Flower Containers! Turn old pots into new and decorate your outdoor living space with these tutorials for DIY Flower Pots.

And remember: Mix'n'Match has never been so hot in Home Décor, so don't hesitate to try the 3 ideas for DIY Flower Pots.


1. Nail Polish

This DIY is just awesome: inexpensive, really easy and quick! What else? Yeah, I forgot the most important: it looks very nice!

What you'll need: - Old plastic container - Nail polish with different colours

1. Fill an old plastic container you don't care to damage with enough water to immerse your Flower Pot into. 2. Gently pour the first nail polish in the water. It should remain at the surface. (Step 1) 3. Hold the Flower Pot from the top and dip the bottom in the mixture water/nail polish. 4. Allow enough time for the polish to be completely dry - it should be quite fast. 5. Now, hold the Flower Pot from the bottom and dip the top. Wait until it's dry. 6. Pour another nail polish with a different colour into the mix and repeat all these steps. (Step 3) 7. Add as many colours as you want!

Why not try it right now?

2. Moss Decoration

Follow only 5 steps and get lovely flower pots made from recycled tins.

What You’ll Need: - Clean Empty Tin Cans of different sizes - Moss - Crochet Thread or Kite String - Scissors - Small pebbles & soil - Small blooming plants

1. Fix the moss on the outside of the tin by wrapping the string around it. Cover all the surface repeating this step. (Step 1). 2. Cleanly cut the extra moss at the bottom and the top of the tin with scissors. (Step 2). 3. Secure the moss by wrapping more string and make it tight. End the string with a knot and cut from the ball. (Step 3). 4. Make the can look perfect: trim the moss and spread it all over the tin. 5. Put pebbles and soil in the tin, then add your plants. Don't forget to water them sometimes!


3. Multicoloured Pebbles

The third tutorial requires a bit more patience than the other two, but the result is worth it! See for yourself. What you'll need - A felt-tip marker - A construction adhesive specific to the material of your pot - Small pebbles of different colours - An ornamental sealer made for your pot's material

1. Draw lines on your pot using the felt-tip marker. It can be straight or curved lines, or even more sophisticated drawings. Just allow enough room between the lines to stick the pebbles. 2. Apply the construction adhesive on one section. 3. Stick the pebbles. It doesn't need to be exactly on the lines, except around the base. 4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each section. 5. Allow to dry for at least 24 hours. 6. Spray the sealer on the pebbles to make them more colourful. Which one did you try? Share with us pictures of your creations! Tutorials and Images Credits: Nail polish DIY Flower Pots: Home-dzine Moss DIY Flower Pots: Oncewed Pebbles DIY Flower Pots: Lifestyle by Yahoo!


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