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DIY benches; made for indoors

Posted by Bridgman on

DIY benches; made for indoors The bench. It's a common feature of the outdoors. It's found in parks, along streets or placed in beautiful corners of gardens. Many think outdoors is where they belong, but we're here to say otherwise. Their shape makes them ideal for long hallways, or those awkward spaces around the home, such as below a window or tight corners. They can be padded with cushions, or hollow to allow for some sneaky storage space. What's more, they're simple to make, either from scratch or by up-cycling old pieces of furniture. We've got an array of design ideas for you now, ones that really showcase the potential of the humble bench:   Dresser bench Old dressers and sideboards can be turned into fantastic benches. They're easy enough to find in charity shops and going cheap online. It takes a little work, but the results are well worth it. We love this idea from weekend country girl where you can combine a bench with a coat rack, and even have a place to store your shoes. Wouldn't you like to have this in your hallway?

TV console With the introduction of flat screen TVs, console units are becoming less useful in our homes. But while many people will take theirs to the dump, you can transform yours into a stunning bench – one that will never go out of style.

Swing bench

Why stay grounded when you can swing from the rafters? This hanging bench may take a little work to attach to the ceiling, but it's certainly worth the effort (not to mention, it makes the hoovering a lot easier).

Cushioned bench

This is one of the easiest DIY benches on our list. All you need are four legs, a piece of wood, padding and the fabric of your choice. It can be completed in an afternoon and costs a fraction of what you would pay in a store. Thanks to DIY My Darling for their great tutorial.

Storage bench This style of bench combines practicality with elegance and can be built to fit any awkward nook and cranny. Fill the gaps below with gorgeous wicker baskets that will tastefully hide all your bits and bobs. Place it in the hallway in order to store your winter woolies, or make one for a child's bedroom (although we can't promise they'll actually use it to keep their toys tidy).

Three chairs in one

You really can't throw away anything these days. Take this unique DIY idea that turns three individual, broken chairs into one long bench. It's a statement idea that would look super in the hallway, on your porch, or in the garden (we're not completely against benches being outside).

Scraps of wood

Small scraps of wood can be joined together to form a stylish patchwork look. This is a great project piece as you collect odds and ends along your travels. Look for bright colours, patterns, original writing or pieces with interesting fonts. Store them away in a safe place until you have enough to cover the size of bench you want.

Pallet bench

The humble pallet is an old favourite of ours, purely because it's so versatile. They're normally free to pick up and can be transformed into hundreds of different items. Take this bench for example. We love the way the back is made from different lengths of wood creating a really rustic, farmhouse look.

Bookcase bench

Why have a bookcase and a bench when you can combine the two? Not only will you create more space in your home, the books work as their own decoration. Pad the bench with comfy cushions and create your own cosy reading nook.

  Benches don't just belong outdoors. They're perfect for filling those odd spaces in our homes, that nothing else seems to fit. Let your friends in on the secret. Share these DIY bench ideas on facebook, pinterest and Google+, or simply subscribe to our newsletter. You might also be interested in the following articles:
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