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How to Design an Outdoor Space that can be Used All Year Round

Posted by Bridgman on

Plan your garden well and you’ll be able to sit out in it in all seasons – not just the summer. Provided there’s plenty of shelter for when necessary, heat during the winter months and furniture which is sturdy and hard-wearing, there’s no reason why you can’t continue to enjoy this ‘outdoor room’ every month of the year. Of course the garden itself will have to be worth looking at and if you’re no green fingered fiend yourself then it’s definitely worth paying someone to come in and landscape the area for you. Or maybe even tend to the garden’s flora and fauna itself. For the hours of pleasure this space will give you, we reckon it’s well worth it.

So what are the essentials for your outdoor space?

  A wood burning stove – there’s going to be times when it will be rather chilly but not cold enough to have you running to put on three fleeces and wrap yourself in a duvet. This is when the wood burner comes into its own. Not only will it heat you up and provide a warm glow, it’ll also add to the cosy and - dare we say - romantic atmosphere of your new outdoor living space. There are alternatives too, of course, such as a firepit or chiminea.
Image Credit: Pedersen Associates Furniture to withstand the elements – and, of course, you will also want it to look good for when friends and neighbours pop round. Synthetic rattan is the obvious choice here thanks to its durability, smart appearance and the fact it’s lightweight (so easy to move around when you fancy a change of scene). Crucially, it doesn’t take a lot to keep it clean. This is essential throughout the year with children, pets and the elements all testing it to its limits.
[caption id="attachment_1741" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Bridgman Sussex Range: 180cm table & 6 dining chairs[/caption]
  A roof canopy - or at least some sort of overhead protection from the rain. Whether it’s a fancy retractable version made of glass or wood or simply a covering of canvas, it’s going to be necessary in the UK.
[caption id="attachment_1742" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Image Credit: H Potter[/caption]
  Good lighting – recessed down lights with dimmer switches and table lamps are best for an outside living area rather than stark overhead lighting (which is difficult to install in many cases). Solar lights are also very popular these days to light the way on paths or to highlight certain flowers or plants
[caption id="attachment_1743" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Image Credit: J'Nell Bryson Landscape Architecture[/caption]
  Throws and cushions – adding padded fabric and woollen blankets to your outdoor space won’t just provide warmth for when the nights start to get chillier, the bright colours of the fabric will also make the place look cheerier and cosier. Many synthetic rattan furniture sets actually come with cushions – the beauty of these being that they are often waterproof so the fabric won’t fall victim to mildew or be completely ruined by the rain/scorched from the sun.
[caption id="attachment_1744" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Image Credit: Texas Construction Company[/caption]
  Whatever your outdoor living space looks like we hope you’ll still be having plenty of time to enjoy it this autumn.


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