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How To Design a Garden That Will Withstand Harsh Climates

Posted by Bridgman on

Garden design can be a very difficult and time consuming process. Not only do you have to create an innovative space which is customised to you and your family’s requirements, but you need to ensure that your garden will change favourably through the seasons. The best gardens look great whatever the month and require little maintenance to keep them looking in top condition all year round. And, if you want to design a garden that will withstand the harshest climates, then there are some important things to consider;


Planting, is of course, a number one consideration if you live in an area which has a harsh climate. In particularly hot areas you will need to ensure that there is plenty of irrigation so that you don’t spend every waking moment watering, but it’s also best to utilise arid loving plants to reduce gardening time. Meanwhile, in temperate climates where winters can be varied, you need to design your garden in mind of the deep snow and hard frosts that could be experienced. If you want to do as little maintenance as possible, then you need to try and choose plants which can survive plummeting temperatures. Herbaceous perennials work well in such gardens because they retreat under the ground at the end of the year, protecting themselves over the winter before re-emerging in the spring. Topiary, such as box or privet hedging, works well in the winter and provides some form and colour throughout the seasons, whilst incorporating native trees such as holly or hawthorn will ensure that you need not worry about harsh temperatures killing your plants. These can then be used amongst flowerbeds to give year long form and shape against which you can plant hardier flowering perennials and grasses.


It’s important when designing a garden that you create a space where you can actually enjoy your outdoor area, whether this is by means of a large patio area, a family entertainment deck or a small and private nook. Using durable outdoor furniture will ensure that your table and chairs can survive in bad weather all year round, enabling you to make one investment and be able to use furniture year after year. Whilst good quality and durable furniture is expensive, it is far better to make one purchase than have to buy new pieces time and time again because they’ve not survived harsh weather. Designing a climate resistant garden can be hard, and it may take many years to get it completely right. However by choosing hardy and weather resistant plants alongside durable and high quality furniture, you can ensure that your design starts off in the best way possible, minimising plant losses and maximising garden enjoyment. Image Credit: Geograph.org.uk    


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