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Decorate Your Autumn Garden

Posted by Bridgman on

Deep red, golden yellow, bright orange, it's only a matter of time before our gardens explode into a vivid autumn display. This kaleidoscope of colour may leave you thinking your garden is decorated enough, that anything else would be overkill, but if you think it's still missing that little extra something, well, we can help. We've put together an array of fun and simple décor ideas that will help enhance the natural beauty of any garden. Pumpkins Halloween is nearly here and so it's time for pumpkins. But before you carve them up, why not use them to jazz up your outside space? Pumpkins in various sizes and colours make beautiful autumn decorations when piled into a planter and placed outside your front door, or on your patio. Add in some pine cones, decorative ribbon, seasonal flowers or fallen leaves in order to create a warm welcoming display.

Bittersweet wreath This wild-looking plant has a warm, autumnal air about it. It's really flexible so is easily twisted and shaped into beautiful wreaths for the door, or strung along trellises. Just be careful of the berries as they're poisonous so make sure you keep your decorations out of the reach of children and animals.

Bobbing tea light apples

Here's a fun decoration idea based on a Halloween favourite. Carve out a hole for a tea light in the top of the apple (try floating the apple in water first, so you can carve in the right place). Then add the tea light and float the apples in a container on your patio.

Harvest time Autumn is all about harvesting the goods from your garden. Create a display that evokes memories of this time of year by using old rustic wooden crates, stacked up to make shelves. Then fill the spaces with everything and anything to do with autumn: pumpkins, pinecones, a bowl of apples picked from the garden...

Wrap up warm The garden is so beautiful this time of year but sitting out in it can get a little chilly. Get a wooden box or a wire basket and fill it with warm and snuggly blankets. Adding a little sign to the basket is a really cute touch.

Window box There's no reason your window boxes should go bare during the cold weather. Replace your clouds of sweet-smelling flowers with items that are a little more hard wearing, like colourful grasses. Add some extra touches like elegant branches, pumpkins, or fallen, natural materials.

Fallen leaf wreath Super easy to make and will stop all the leaves in the garden going to waste (unless you're making mulch of course). Get your kids to run around collecting the leaves, then take a strong piece of wire such as a coat hanger and impale the leaves onto the wire until your wreath is complete.

Decorated gourds Take a few choice leaves from your garden, then press them for a week or two. Once they're properly flat, simply decoupage them onto gourds. The effect is spectacular and they make wonderful decorations along paths, or added to planters.

Pumpkin hanging basket When your summer hanging baskets come to an end, don't put the baskets away. Fill them with big and small pumpkins, either in their natural state, or carved up for Halloween. Decorate with straw, twigs, ribbons and more.

Autumn Rake Display What a beautiful idea for repurposing an old garden rake. If you've got such a tool lying around gathering dust, don't take it to the dump, simply take the handle off and fix it yo the wall. Then, you've got a beautiful holder for all sorts, such as fallen leaves and twigs in the autumn, and wild flowers in the summer.

Get creative with your carving Take your Halloween pumpkin carving to a whole new level. This erie woodland looks absolutely stunning when the candle is lit, almost like the whole place is on fire. Set your imagination to work and see what you come up with. Don't forget to send us a picture of your creation.

Mason jar lanterns How simple are these lanterns? The next time you're cooking a curry or a lasagna, don't throw away the jar. Wash it out and then use it as a lantern. Stick a candle to the bottom of the jar then decorate it with ribbons in seasonal colours. You can even buy jars like these from pound stores, or online. Place them all around your garden, or hang them up to create a cosy atmosphere.

Pumpkin flower holders Halloween may be on the way, but things don't have to get scary just yet. Use carved out pumpkins as containers for flowers, then, leading up to the 31st, you can make your display a bit more scary by carving terrifying faces into the pumpkins and adding candles.

Nature helping nature With the cold weather approaching, our animal friends need all the help they can get to ensure they have enough food for the winter. These feeders are incredibly easy to make. All you need is string, a few apples, some nuts and a little autumnal decoration. Hang them up somewhere where you can watch the birds and squirrels feed without scaring them away   Autumn is a beautiful time of year so make the most of it. Don't forget to share these wonderful garden décor ideas on facebook and Google+. Better yet, sign up to our newsletter to ensure you never miss out inspirational decoration ideas for your home and garden again.


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