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Creative Garden Signs To Perk Up Your Outside Space

Posted by Bridgman on

Whether you want to label your prized blooms and buds, or simply inject a burst of humour, garden signs add a very special mix of charm, wit and wonder to every outdoor space. So sprinkle borders, shrubs and pots with slogans, sayings and feel-good words that will grow a smile on everyone's face. Signs, really are the sign of the times...  

Labels And Plant Markers

Labelling plants and bulbs is a necessity for every gardener as it allows you to see at a glance what you've planted for the coming season and what you can expect to see shoot up. You'll find a garden full of unique and useful signs and ideas for you and your garden. Don't be restricted to the plastic sticks that come with the plants either - splash out on chic wooden or slate markers that will add a little flair to your pots and planters. Another creative idea is to dream up customized wooden signs. Check out fromthesummersgarden.co.uk for suggests of exciting new artwork for your gardens. For example 'Garden is my happy place' is an inspiring massage, that would make your garden more enjoyable place. Furthermore there is nothing like a creative and funny garden sign to add a touch of whimsy to your garden. They invite guests to explore your garden space in a friendly and, often comical, way. Cool, eh?




Funny Garden Signs

Typography and wordplay continue to be a big trend inside our homes and we are well-versed with the design trick of pepping up rooms with mottos, phrases and uplifting words be it stickers, canvases and cushions. So why not take the concept outdoors with a few cheeky and cheerful garden signs that fit in with your outdoor space? You can pick them up quite reasonably in garden centres, homeware shops and online...here are a few of our favourites:



DIY Signs

If you're feeling particularly creative ,do a hands-on job with your own DIY garden sign - or even a series of signs! Use old off cuts of wood (Eco-friendly and purse-friendly to boot) and make a garden sign that reflects your garden and your personality. Remember to use outdoor/garden paints that are tough and weatherproof and finish off with a lacquer or wax to ensure your words of wisdom don't disappear at the first sign of rain. Turn your work of art into a hanging sign by attaching robust twine or lengths of metal cord to tree trunks, gates and fences or glue securely to a wooden stake and plant firmly into the soil. You'll find masses of inspiration on the internet, particularly on thegardenglove.com.



Do you like decorating your garden with signs and labels? We'd love to see your handiwork.


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