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Creating the perfect outdoor living area

Posted by Bridgman on

Outdoor living trends suggest that residents of the UK are spending considerably more time and money outdoors. Making the most of your outdoor living area shouldn’t be a pipe dream, with a bit of imagination and careful planning creating the ultimate outdoor living area is both achievable and extremely rewarding. People are often of the misconception that an elaborate summer house or garden building is required to enhance the outdoor living area of a house, however these are often costly and not necessarily required. A well-positioned water feature of furniture set is equally effective and adds real character to your garden.


Now is the time to plan for your ultimate outdoor living area, taking into account what you want to get out of your garden. Think about what it will be used for; do you want it to be a place for ultimate relaxation, somewhere to enjoy barbecues, or a gardeners’ haven? Once you have decided what the purpose of your garden is, you should create a focal point in which your garden is based around. This will be the area in which your friends and family congregate when habituating your garden. This part of the planning process should be considered carefully, think of all aspects and eventualities before deciding the best spot for you. Ideally this area should not be too far away from the house, allowing easy access when catering or moving things in and out of the house. Also, if this area is close to the back of the house, it is easier to use electrical devices such as a music system or lighting. It is also important to think about the positioning of this area in terms of sun positioning. Which way should the area be facing? Do you want sun in the morning or afternoon, and how will trees and building affect this? Trees are a good source of shade, however come with the obvious drawback of falling debris. It may therefore be necessary to consider a parasol for when you require rest bite from the hazy days of summer. Be creative with your gardens, if you have children let them have an influence. Consider the use of ornaments, hanging baskets and garden lighting to further enhance your outdoor living areas. Choose garden furniture that will hold up to the elements, and that complements the style of your garden and house. Creating the ideal outdoor living area can be as simple or complex as you wish to make it. It can also vary in price, depending on quality and design of the space. One last thing to consider before embarking on transforming your garden is how magnificent spending time outdoors can be. Create your garden to last so you can enjoy it for years to come.


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