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Create Your Own Flower Arrangements

Posted by Bridgman on

Follow these simple steps to create your own beautiful flower arrangements!

When you see a flower arrangement, it seems that a rocket scientist placed each flower with a formula. There’s no chemistry involved. Follow these simple techniques and you will have a lovely arrangement to display in no time.


The Vase Determines the Type of Arrangement

Start by deciding which flower vases you have for your arrangement.

# Column

Use long stems of varied lengths. Add foliage inside, then place flowers, tallest first. If grown in an odd direction, let it be natural. Add whilst circling the vase. Push down and add foliage to conceal stems.

# Flared Hourglass

A bouquet is needed. Remove foliage & trim stems. Using your dominant hand angle each flower, whilst securing with the other hand, giving it shape. Evenly add flowers and foliage. Tie with twine, wrap with ivy, and slip into the vase.

# Glass Pitcher

Create a loose bouquet. Place them into the pitcher.

# Water Glass

Select a few loosely gathered herbs or flowers from your garden. Small jars work well, too.  

Working With Silk Arrangements

Silk flower arrangements can allow you to use flowers that are out of season or ones that do not grow in your region.

# Horizontal

Glue foam. Insert flowers in a line to create the design. Place key flowers in the middle, draped over sides. Place filler flowers and foliage as needed.

# Vertical

Secure foam. Cut flower stems, leaving three to four times higher than the vase. Place key flowers in a vertical direction. Add filler flowers as needed.

# Minimal

Secure foam. Make a vertical line of flowers to the height of your arrangement. Insert key flowers and add fillers as needed.


What else?

  • Flower arrangements are not pricey if you select the proper vase.
  • Prepare your arrangement in front of a black background view the silhouette.
  • Almost any container can serve as a flower vase.
  • Rotate the vase whilst adding flowers.
  • Keep it simple.

Arranging Tips

The Little Flower School in New York City’s method: - Build a foundation. - Take a step back. - Pick your heroes. - Know when to stop. Need a partner? This is a great project to work on with groups, which cuts costs on materials. Share on your Facebook or Google +, see who Likes it, and plan a date! So there you have it. Bouquets for the proper vase, work in a circular pattern, and don’t be afraid to use silk. You are now a flower arrangement scientist!  

More inspiration

Periwinkle bluebells with a hint of mauve chives make a delightful dish.

Soft with a pop of colour here and there for this viburnum and spiraea upgraded with anemones in this arrangement.

Steam and muted light give these apple blossoms a chance to showcase their faint pink hue.

Lily of the Valley in an array of pinks in this arrangement represents tranquillity.

This arrangement of Icelandic poppies and tulips in bold sweet colours will have you trotting off to the candy shop.


Credits: Background image: April Showers Images 1 to 4: Goop Image 5 : jacki-dee Image 6 : Arlo Bates Image 7 : Chris Beckett Image 8 to 12: Martha Stewart


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