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20 Very Clever and Practical DIY Storage Solutions

Posted by Bridgman on

There are so many clever DIY storage solutions out there. Great storage solutions come from common household items and save time, money, and aggravation. Check out our top picks.

4 Low Tech Storage Solutions for High Tech Equipment

# 1 Cable Holder

A roll of Velcro tape is the perfect fix for unruly cords. Bundle your cords in the tape, then hang them from a small hook screwed into the bottom of your desk. Or try the sock trick: Cut the toe off a stretchy trouser sock and tuck the cords inside.

Make your cord situation even better by attaching sticky file folder labels to the cords so you know which cord goes to which appliance.


#2 Charging Station

It’s easy to hide your charging station. Place your power strip inside a ribbon box and run the cords through the grommet holes.


#3 Cable Catcher

You can keep your cords from slipping behind your desk with cable catchers made from binder clips. Attach clips to the edge of your desk and run your cords through the clips.


#4 Mobile Phone Holder

If you have ever stepped on (or spilled something on) your mobile phone while it’s charging, you’ll appreciate this handy holder. Just cut out and decorate a flattened plastic container (like a lotion container) and you can keep your phone out of harm’s way while it’s charging.


7 Clever Space Saving Storage Solutions for Bed and Bath

#1 Anything Holder

Attach bungee cords to two-foot long boards and hang the boards on your wall. Hang ties, scarves, headsets, or glasses from the bungee cords. Paint or stain the boards and arrange them nicely for a practical and attractive wall sculpture.


#2 Anything Holder (2)

Or, you can glue clothespins to the boards, clip side down, and hang your accessories that way.


#3 Jewelry Hanger

Give old wooden coat hangers a new purpose. Screw cup hooks onto the underside an inch or so apart. Hang your bracelets and earrings on the hooks and you’ll always know where they are.


#4 Scarves Holder

You can also use the wooden hangers to organise your scarves. Hang shower curtain loops from the hanger rod, then loop your scarves through the hooks. You’ll never again have to dig through endless scarves to find the right one!


#5 Bracelets Display

Another storage solution for your baubles and bangles is to drape them over glass bottles; many bottles are just the right size.


#6 Brushes Organiser

All you need is a sushi matt, a length of elastic, and a needle and thread to make a handsome holder for hairbrushes. Sew the elastic around the first two sticks. Then weave it through every third of fourth stick and sew it around the last two sticks.


#7 Little Things Holder

Sometimes the smallest items are the hardest to organise. Magnetic tape may solve that problem. It’s sticky on one side and magnetic on the other. Fasten a strip to the inside of the medicine cabinet and you can attach bobby pins and tweezers out of sight but within arm’s reach.


5 Handy Kitchen Storage Solutions

#1 Spices

Where are those spices when you need them? Wrap a twist of heavy-duty floral wire around the tops of small jars, leaving enough wire for a hanging loop for each jar. Label the jars and fill them with spices. Hang the loops from nails pounded into the wall.


#2 Tea

Turn a champagne box into a tea storage shelf. Decorate the bottom of the box with wrapping paper or wallpaper. Turn the lid into shelves, and hang it on the wall.


#3 Memory Board

Use a memory board for recipes, lists, and special photos. Just cover a piece of corkboard with contact paper or wallpaper to match your décor.


#4 Plastic bags

Stuff empty grocery bags into an empty tissue box or cardboard paper towel tube. It’s easy to pull out one bag when you need it.


#5 Letters

Letters and postcards stand ready for reading in a letter holder made from an old hardback book. Divide the pages into eight-to-ten sections. Bend over each section and glue the top to the bottom. The book/letter holder will open like a fan to keep papers organised.


4 Storage Solutions for Hobby Supplies

#1 Wool

You will appreciate this wall-mounted wool holder if you knit or crochet. Cover coffee cans with contact paper, fasten them together to make a single unit, and screw the unit into the wall.


#2 Garden Tools

Here’s a variation on pegboard, the gold standard of storage solutions. After taking the drawers out, turn an old metal filing cabinet on its side, openings facing up. Sand, clean, and paint it. Attach pegboard to the side (formerly the bottom). You can hang small tools and supplies from the pegboard and use the openings for garden tools.


#3 Craft supplies

Glass jars are still the perfect storage solution for carpentry and craft supplies. Just glue or nail the lids onto the bottom of a shelf and screw the filled jars onto the tops.


#4 Wrapping Paper

Tubes of wrapping paper can take up too much space, but not if you use a stool for storage. Turn a four-legged stool upside down and place the rolls inside.


Share the Wealth

If you like these ideas, tell your friends about them. And let us now about your favourite storage solutions.


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