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Christmas Preparation

Posted by Bridgman on

Christmas Clean Up Christmas preparation is not just about wrapping presents and putting up decorations. Its also about getting your home ready for when your friends and family descend over the Christmas holidays. We all want our home to look its best when the mother in law comes to visit! Here are some tips to help you have a bit of a pre-Christmas sort out. Get rid of the clutter! Making room for the family can be a difficult task so before the relatives join you for Christmas why not try and eradicate some clutter around the house. Have a hunt around online for space saving ideas or create your own and put them into action in your home! Establish the problem areas in your home and focus on those first. This way you can use effective space saving ideas and clear down a lot of your unwanted bits and pieces quickly. A great idea is to use a wine rack and some plastic cups to store all the pens and pencils that are lying around the house. Storage baskets and boxes can be very useful when organising. Using a few of the same size and colour collectively can create a great look when on show. They can also be used to create storage space in unused places, such as, under the bed and under the stairs. Putting up a quick shelf or two can be very helpful to empty drawers filled with books and folders. Sort through clothes - to make room for any new ones that you might get for Christmas Throw out any broken ornaments that you have been meaning to repair all year but never have. Don't forget to take a picture of your Christmas decorations before you take them out of the box - so you can easily put them back the same way. Go through your house - one room at a time. Be realistic with your possessions and remember that those unwanted clothes, books and photo frames can do wonders for other people. Getting rid of clutter can feel really liberating. Think about friends or family members that may have use for them. A donation box is also a great idea for items that can be given to charity - and by getting rid of all that clutter your home can become far more welcoming. Buy a storage box to put the kids presents in as soon as they are opened. Little bits can easily get lost in wrapping paper, and its good to have all the new toys in one place.   The best laid plans of de-cluttering and cleaning can all be wasted with Christmas cards displayed on every available space. Look at innovative ways of displaying your cards and keep your home looking less cluttered and orderly. Once you have de-cluttered it will be a lot easier to have a general clean up. Having a full house of Christmas guests gives you the perfect excuse for a pre Christmas tidy up - with one less thing to worry about on Christmas day! Image Credits Featured image Christmas presents Image 1 Storage ideas Image 2 Christmas card tree Image 3 Christmas stockings    


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