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Chelsea Flower Show 2012: Inspiration for Your Own Garden

Posted by Bridgman on

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show is probably the most iconic garden show in the entire world. Every year, thousands of people flock to West London in hopes of seeing the latest gardening trends, new flowers and plants and stunning gardens created by some of the most influential people in the industry. The scale of the gardens can sometimes be a little daunting if you’re looking for inspiration to take home, and with such detail and careful precision being seen in all of the exhibits, you may wonder how on earth you’d recreate such a look. However, rather than trying to replicate your favourite garden, you can instead take away important points to give your space a more professional and designed look. Colour palette It’s all too easy for plant lovers to fill their gardens with a huge variety of flower hues. However, if you want to get a carefully designed look, you should attempt to reduce your colour palette to just a few shades. This is well showcased at Chelsea, where gardens often use only a few flower colours against a plethora of foliage types to provide interest. For instance, the M&G Garden(below) can’t help but draw you into its expanse of glistening water, man-made walls and thriving planting. On close inspection, the only hues being used are white and blue. This helps to add cohesion to the overall garden, and bring all aspects of the space, both hard and soft landscaping, together. Water A huge number of gardens at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2012 used water as an integral part of their design. This is one of the areas most often neglected by gardeners, largely because creating a water feature takes far more effort and money than planting up a few borders. With many designers taking time to include ecological and conservational aspects into their designs, if you want to follow trends, including water in your garden is a must. However, you don’t need the great expanses of water than many of the Chelsea Gardens used. Small tubs sunk into the ground can act as fantastic little ponds, shallow rills and trays dissecting borders creates interest and a plethora of solar powered fountains mean that you won’t have to worry about electrical pumps and outside power sockets. Hidden spaces Many of this year’s Chelsea gardens also continued the trend of creating hidden spaces and destinations within your garden. These offer you, and visitors, somewhere to head to when enjoying your garden, and they often utilise garden furniture so that you can sit and relax. Here, in the Lands’ End; A Rural Muse garden (below), a small bench is hidden next to a stone wall, pulling visitors across the stepping stones to relax on the other side of the stream. In your own garden, placing benches under trees, creating a relaxing area on your patio, or having paths that wind out of view will draw people into your space and create hidden nooks that individuals want to explore. All weather furniture Weatherproof garden furniture has yet again grown in popularity, people are warming ever more to the idea of outdoor living areas which has led to the increased interest in rattan garden furniture. Synthetic rattan furniture is comfortable, maintenance free & available in a range of styles and colours.   Round-up By taking these small points from the many Chelsea gardens that were on show, you can easily bring a touch of professionalism and design to your own space. As always, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2012 was an outstanding chance to see the best that the horticultural industry has to offer. And, with 2013 being the show’s 100th anniversary, Chelsea is set to become even better and more inspirational than ever.  


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