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Chalkboard DIY

Posted by Bridgman on

DIY Projects with Chalkboards Chalkboards may seem old-fashioned, but there’s endless creativity in DIY chalkboard projects. As you know, chalkboards are wipe off writing surfaces, and for that reason they have many uses in the home. They’re not just for schools anymore, so let’s look at ways you can use them. What turns a surface into a chalkboard? Chalkboard paint. You can buy chalkboard paint or make your own. One advantage of making your own is that you can use any colour, while the colours of store bought chalkboard paint are limited. To make your own, mix matt acrylic paint with tile grout. Whether you make your own or buy chalkboard paint make sure to condition the board by rubbing the side of chalk over it and wiping it off before you use it. If you don’t do that the chalk will never erase completely. Believe me, that’s a mistake I made only once. How do you erase the chalk? You can use an old-fashioned eraser or a piece of felt.   Make Chalkboard Mugs Chalkboard mugs have made my life much easier. When I have company for the weekend I write each guest’s name on a mug. It makes them feel welcome and special. Plus, it means they take ownership of the mug for their visit and don’t have to use a clean one every time they want a drink. Fewer dishes to wash makes me a happy host.   Labelling with Chalkboards Chalkboards are great for labelling. Everyone knows where the kitchen utensils go because the shelves and drawers are labelled. I never have to go searching for the hammer when I need it because the tools are labelled on a chalkboard pegboard. Labelling extends to serving dishes. So guests can know which cheese is which I label the cheeses on the chalkboard serving platter. Different cheeses next time? Wipe the labels off and add the new names.   Create a Chalkboard Mirror I found an old mirror with a cool decorative frame in a second hand store. I covered the mirror with five or six thin layers of chalkboard paint and turned it into a message board. You could use this message board for anything you want, but I use it for inspirational quotes and sayings. Whenever I hear or read something that moves me, I write it on the chalkboard mirror. I keep it by the front door so I see it as I head out the door.   DIY chalkboard projects are great for kids. You’ll be surprised the ideas they come up with. Let us know about them. And while you’re at it, pin these pictures and share on Facebook and Google +.   Image credits: Image 1: Martha Stewart Image 2: Wit & Whistle Image 3: Wit & Whistle Image 4: Paperblog


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