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Bring The Outdoor Indoors: Decorate With Plants

Posted by Bridgman on

Fill your home with a careful edit of house plants - the very best way to bring the outdoor indoors.


Did you know that a strategically-placed plant or two can do wonders for your concentration while some plants (such as spider and rubber plants) help to rid the air of harmful toxins that we breathe in? Some palms are natural humidifiers too and release moisture into a room which is a boon in drier months; cacti and succulents by the way do the opposite and keep most of the water to themselves. And fragrance doesn't just come from a hand-tied bouquet of roses or freesias, as pots of herbs and fragrant plants like mint, basil and dwarf kaffir lime trees will infuse your home with a naturally fresh aroma without an artificial air freshener in sight. (they are also amazing for cooking).


Interiors experts agree that three really is the magic number when it comes to displaying anything in the home - and that includes plants. For large sideboards or conservatory spaces, go for five leafy plants for added impact - just stick with odd numbers. In the kitchen, fill used tin cans and olive oil holders with real herbs and mini succulents or hang up on a rail system on the splashback or an unused wall space. Cacti and succulents are seriously on-trend this season and look oh so cute housed in a mini gold and glass terrarium from the likes of

You can't go wrong with tall, wafty palms either to conjure up images of Art Deco salons and colonial chic while lush, emerald-coloured Monstera deliciosa (or Swiss cheese plants to you and I) offer up a flamboyant sense of retro cool. Ferns, figs and a flourish of potted lavender will all add to your home decor too - just make sure you take heed of the care instructions or else you'll be left with a wilting mess on your hands.


And if all else fails, fake it! There's such an amazing array of artificial plants and flowers to take your pick from these days, which are easy to care for and can be swapped and changed with the seasons. Try the new range from stylist-du-jour,, where you'll discover Zebra grass, shaggy palms and jumbo banana leaves or beautiful faux orchids. Simple, eh?

Do you have enviable green-fingers with plants that grow well inside the home as well as the garden? We'd love to hear your tips and advice!! if you like what we read please share on Facebook, Twitter, and G+.



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