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Garden Furniture for Pets: When Only the Best is Enough!

Posted by Bridgman on

Following our success as designers and manufacturers of fine outdoor furniture, we at Bridgman have developed a new range of miniature pet furniture. Continuing our tradition of innovation, we are the only ones to offer luxury garden pet furniture.

Bridgman’s commitment to affordable fine furniture stems from our belief that comfort, quality, durability, and beauty can go hand-in-hand. We use the same high quality craftsmanship and materials for our pet furniture as we have always used for our other furniture.

Why Pet Furniture?

As pet lovers, we believe that our animals deserve to be as healthy, happy, and comfortable as possible. Our range of pet furniture is designed especially for animals, keeping in mind their sizes, shapes, and physical needs.

Young animals in particular need furniture that can stand up to rough treatment, with sturdy pet-proof fabrics and materials. As our pets age they need heavily cushioned chairs and beds that are low to the ground. Light-coloured fabrics stay cooler on hot summer days. Our pet furniture keeps your pets’ needs in mind.

Outdoor pet furniture makes it easy for the whole family to enjoy outdoor living. You don’t have to worry about keeping the animals off your loungers because they have their own. No longer will you have to tell them to, “Get off the furniture.”

Pet Furniture: Sun Loungers

Our pet sun loungers come in a variety of styles, all strong and durable.

The Retriever has a luxury cushion for extra comfort. You can wheel it around the garden to just the right spot for furry friend. You can adjust the back of the lounger according to the size of your pet.

The synthetic mesh seating of the Calico is completely weather resistant and very easy to clean. Like the Retriever, the back is adjustable, and it has wheels to make it easy to move around the patio.

You can match your rattan patio furniture with the Beagle pet lounger. Fully adjustable with two wheels for easy movement, the Beagle can remain outdoors all year round and requires minimal care. The comfortable cushions are removable for cleaning.

Pet Furniture: Sofas

If your pet likes to rest against a back, a pet sofa may be the perfect choice. The Poodle has deep cushions that come in several colours. Made from all-weather rattan, the Poodle can stay outdoors year round, but is stylish enough to fit right into your conservatory or sunroom. Removable covers make the cushions easy to clean.

The Spaniel is a modular sofa set, ideal for the family with several pets. You can vary the layout according to your needs and your space. The Spaniel features Bridgman’s exclusive fully waterproof cushions that can stay outdoors in all weather. They are also stain resistant and quick drying.

The Siamese is a curved modular sofa that is perfect for customising your indoor or outdoor space. The furniture will not fade outdoors and the cushions are easy to remove for cleaning.


Pet Furniture: Your Ideas

Our new range of pet furniture is still evolving. Let us know what your pets need, so our next pieces will be even more perfect for you and your animals. Post a comment on this article and tell us how you imagine the best pet furniture.


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Unfortunately, we do not produce pet furniture - at least not yet. We hope you enjoyed this idea, and we look forward to hearing your ideas! Just comment on this blogpost and tell us what is the best pet furniture. We love pets and we want the best for them. So here is a little bonus: real pet furniture!   Images Credits: Featured image: Greg Dalrymple Cat image 1: Martina Rathgens Cat image 2: Stanislav Trifonov Image 4: Catcrib Image 5: Petdreamhouse Image 6: Munseungji Image 7: Artisankitchensinc Image 8: Emily Wettstein Share the fun, tweet this article!


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