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Branch Out & Build a Treehouse in Your Garden

Posted by Bridgman on

Designing a garden is similar to painting a picture, your personality and style inevitably emerge and often in the most interesting ways. Treehouses offer a distinct and eye-catching way to express your personality, all while adding valuable space and style to your garden design.  

How to Build Treehouses for Adults

More than your average platform resting on ancient branches, treehouses have grown up and provide an amazing focal point in your garden. Think about the beauty of an enclosed room built off the ground and surrounded by foliage. Simple treehouse designs don't even need a tree! This beautiful garden room is actually just a covered platform built on stilts and enclosed with shears and bamboo shades. A simple set of open stairs leads up to comfy garden furniture and lush plantings surround the space for an authentic atmosphere. Imagine enjoying a meal or drinks with your friends and family in this peaceful outdoor room, or better yet, capture a few moments of solitude to unwind after a hard day. Other designs incorporate large trees for support and structure. Be sure to choose an established tree and construct the house carefully to avoid damaging roots and upsetting the soil. Tree location may present challenges, but with a creative eye and a talented contractor you should be able to work around and with the natural shape.  

Fun for the Whole Family

Although these designs cater to the more sophisticated tastes of adults, children love any kind of treehouse. Share this space with your children or grandchildren, but be sure to include safety features (such as stair rails) and use top grade lumber to avoid injuries. Decorate the room with family-friendly garden furniture and art work, as well as plenty of windows and openings to fully enjoy the view.  

TreeHouse Travel

When an adult treehouse will not suit in your own garden, plan a holiday to find these quirky structures in gardens and forests around the world. From the UK to New Zealand, India and the United States, travelers can rent a treehouse and enjoy the experience for themselves. Our favourites include the Hapuku Lodge in New Zealand, with one bedroom and larger units for maximum comfort, and TreeHouse Point near Seattle, Washington, with two-storey cottages built amid the gorgeous pines. Both have plenty of room and stunning views of the natural surroundings. A popular spot for visiting tourists, you are wise to book these venues early for the best availability.  

Hapuku Lodge

Treehouse Point, as seen on ApartmentTherapy

Take a close look at the structure and details of the treehouse while you're there. Perhaps you will fall in love with the experience of resting above the ground, with birds and branches close enough to touch. With a few construction tips you can imitate these amazing treehouses in your own garden. If you are looking for a unique addition to your outdoor living space, consider the appeal of treehouses. Designed for adult pleasures with a child's wonder and love of nature, these garden structures will create the ideal spot to refresh and relax at home.   For more treehouse inspiration we recommend: 11 Amazing Treehouses from Around the World [] Make Like a Treehouse and Leave []    


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