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Make the most of your garden’s borders and edges

Posted by Bridgman on

Some people say that a garden should have a feature. We say: “just one?” Every part of your garden deserves to shine. That’s why, we’ve dedicated this post to the wonderful - yet sometimes overlooked - world of garden borders and edges. Whether you want to make your lawn pop, or enhance a flower bed, we have ideas aplenty to get your imagination going. Below are a few of our favourites, but there’s always room for more. If you’ve had a great edging or border idea then tell us about it in the comments below - or better yet, show us in a photo. Natural borders If you want to keep your garden at one with nature, try using these edging ideas to lend character, definition and texture to your landscaping beds: Dig a trench Trench edging, sometimes called Victorian edging, creates an edge that prevents lawn grass and neighbouring plants from invading your flower beds. Although it takes a bit of work, it's cheaper than forking out for edging materials, and, a properly dug trench only needs upkeep twice a year to maintain its straight edge.  
Plants Filling borders with perennials is one of the most common ways to create a dynamic border to a lawn or patio. The type and number of plants you use depend on the look you want to achieve. A traditional country cottage style requires a mix of plants of varying heights and different shades of colour. If you’d like to create a more modern statement, then try repeating the same one or two plants. Think about contrasting colours and shapes in order to really make a statement.  
Stone Stones come in hundreds of different sizes, shapes and colours. They’re durable and easy to make into a striking border. Stack them together, or side-by-side and you'll find it's easy to bring rustic charm to any garden (and even easier if you find someone else to help you with the lifting).  
Wood Fallen branches and sticks from your garden, or local woodland, are great for framing flower beds. Weathered, painted or woven into a fence, it brings a playful feeling to your garden. Just don’t go cutting off any branches in pursuit of the perfect border.  
Man-made edging The contrast of using unnatural materials in a natural setting is a great way to bring a striking look to any garden: Steel Today, one of the most popular border choices for a modern garden is steel. Its clean lines and amazing durability makes it a great choice for borders. Plus, it’s flexible enough that you can create wonderfully sharp lines and curves.  
Cement This material may not be the first thing you think of when planning a garden, but it’s fantastic for creating lovely smooth edges that really work with a lawn or flower bed. Plus, it’s practical. The lawn mower can cut right up to the edge and you won't get mulch or pebbles in the grass, that you might get from other borders.  
Bricks Bricks don't just belong as part of the house. Lay them flat in regimented rows, shape them around your trees or flower beds, or turn them on their side to create a wonderful domino effect.  

 Up cycle your way to a fabulous garden
 Wave goodbye to traditional borders with these ideas made from everyday objects. They’re so great, you’ll be in danger of never throwing anything away again:
 Glass bottles
 The next time you have a party, don’t throw away the empties. Plant your glass bottles upside down to create this fun and unusual border. The coloured glass works beautifully with the earth tones of the garden and looks stunning when caught in the sunlight.
Dining plates This quirky idea is straight out of Alice in Wonderland. Clear out your cupboards or head down to your local charity shop to create this unusual, whimsical border.  
Industrial pipes Repurposed steel pipes create a strong, yet unique border. There’s a wonderful contrast between metal and nature. And the best bit, they’re deep enough to create mini gardens in each tube.  
Or, would you rather something entirely different? Buried pots Here’s an easy way to transform an area quickly. Simply dig, plant the pots, then fill in the surrounding space with the material of your choice. What’s more, it works on any scale, from large shrubs to a small herb garden. Rope lighting Let light guide you around your garden. Rope lighting is a fantastic - and rather unusual way - to frame your lawn or garden path. What’s more, it’s waterproof and can work on a timer.  
Feeling inspired? There really is no limit to what you can do with your garden, no matter the size. Share these ideas with your friends on Facebook, twitter and Google+, or tell us about your edging triumphs in the comments below.   You may be also interested in: How to Create an Accessible Garden Professional Garden Design Tips: an Interview with Lisa Cox Design Your Own Outdoor Space with Online Garden Design Tools


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