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Blending Your Indoor & Outdoor Décor

Posted by Bridgman on

As the weather warms, our thoughts turn to the out-of-doors. Each day brings more sunlight, and with it more time to spend in the garden. We welcome every opportunity to soften the separation between inside and outside. A seamless blending of indoor and outdoor décor is an outstanding way to bridge the gap between house and garden.  

Harmonised Colour Scheme

Introduce a unified colour scheme through umbrellas, cushions, flooring, window treatments, walls, tablecloths, and accessories. Your colour scheme helps establish the style of your blended indoor and outdoor space—contemporary, classical, romantic, or minimalist.  

Indoor-Outdoor Furniture

Much of today's high quality garden furniture works equally indoors and out. Sturdy synthetic rattan or wicker, for example, feels at home in the garden and in the house. Wrought iron furniture is comfortable, stylish, and extremely durable indoors and out. With matching or coordinated weatherproof cushions you can mix and match and move chairs and tables around as needed.  

Flooring as Paving

Whilst flooring materials for the indoor garden room may not be ideal for outdoor paving, a clever design can lead from to the other. For example, stone pavers are great for patios but may be too heavy for indoor flooring. You might use pavers outside and choose an indoor tile or sheet flooring with a similar design or colour scheme. Or, carry the patio pavers inside just as accents, instead of using them over the entire floor. You can buy both indoor and outdoor pavers, but be aware that installation considerations are not the same.  

Plants and Flowers

  Carry the lushness of the garden into the house with container plants. You must choose plants according to conditions, so you may not be able to grow the same plants indoors and out, but you can use similar plant shapes and container designs. Keeping an arrangement of flowers in the house is a simple way to create a dynamic sense of connection. If you favour a Japanese-style garden, feature Ikebana arrangements, hanging moss balls (called kokedama) or bonsai in the house. If your garden is full of roses, have a fragrant bouquet in a beautiful vase on the table.  

Windows and Doors

It goes without saying that the more openings you have between indoors and out, the more the two spaces will seem as one. Glass walls, floor to ceiling windows, French doors, and sliding glass doors create the most integration. If you are limited to standard entry doors, choose "full-light" glass doors; without mullions they minimize the separation between indoors and out.   Image Credit: Image 1 Image 2 Image 3      


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