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Express yourself: create your own art gallery wall

Posted by Bridgman on

What is art? Well, it's whatever you want it to be. If your walls are a blank canvas, then why not try creating your own art gallery wall? From a Picasso print to a paint by numbers masterpiece, whatever you want to display on your wall there's an interesting way to do so. Take your kid's art off the fridge or pin up a funny greeting card you received, there's no limit to what can go up, and how. Here are some of our favourite creative ways to display your art, photos and drawings... after all, if you've got it, flaunt it: Anything goes Head down to your local charity shop where you'll be able to pick up different sized and shaped frames to fill for a wonderfully eclectic look. The best art gallery walls are the ones that combine a range of art mediums and styles. Play around with the layout and eventually you'll come up with a wonderful arrangement. Top tip: Frame each piece individually in a way that compliments the art. Then when the different frames come together you'll have a much more interesting wall.  


More is more White space is overrated. Filling a wall with lots of pictures saves you buying just one huge piece of work and it allows you to easily change your mind later on. Top tip: Trace out your frames first on paper. This way you can reorder the paper as much as you like until you come across the perfect arrangement.


Go uniformed If straight lines are more your thing, hunt around for a selection of matching frames. Large or small, it doesn't matter as both will bring a stylish look to any space. Why not try the latest trend and create an Instagram wall? These tiny photos look fantastic on mass and it's better than having them trapped away in your computer. Top tip: Don't hang pictures too far apart from each other. Two inches is a good amount of space either side, above and below.


Foolproof style If you want to ensure your art wall looks great, choose pieces that have a common theme such as a certain colour or illustration style for example. Remember, the most important thing when designing your wall is that it represents you and the things you like. Top tip: Start with your largest piece first, then build off it from the centre outwards.


Mirror image

Mirrors always look great on walls. Add them into your display or use them to enhance your art. We love this wonderful new way of displaying family photos, old and new. Black and white photography really stands out against a mirrored surface. Top tip: Use hooks to hang your pictures as they can hold a lot more weight than nails or screws.



Now here's an idea to fill that blank space that won't break the bank. Take a humble clipboard, attach it to your wall along with a few others and hey presto, a wonderfully easy art gallery that can be swapped and changed around easily. Top tip: Art can be anything you want and it certainly doesn't have to be expensive, such as a piece of wallpaper or material, a family photograph or even a small object like a favourite book.


Think outside the frame

Art doesn't have to reside within a frame. Murals can make a striking addition to any wall. But don't fret, you don't have to be a great artist to create a wonderful mural. There are many stencils widely available to buy, for both grown ups and children. Top tip: When planning an art wall, set your first piece slightly off centre so it doesn't become the main focus. (if you'd like to buy a magnetic printed wallpaper bunny like the one in the image below, click on the following link: notonthehighstreet.com)


Overlapping Not everything needs its own space. Overlapping your art can create an interesting feature wall in any room. Top tip: If you're starting your art wall from scratch, try and develop a colour palette that goes with your room.



A corner may not seem like the most obvious place to hang your pictures, but doing so can create a wonderfully cosy corner, or dynamic statement in any home. Top tip: Don't hang art on your own. Always have someone with you to stand back and ensure your placement is correct.


Hang up your pictures Check out this inexpensive way to display your photos using curtain wire and clips. Or, if it's a more rustic look you're after, try a piece of string and tiny clothes pegs. These can be found in most DIY craft shops. Top tip: Try not to hang your art work too high. The central piece should be at eye level.



Got a magnificent piece of art you want to display but can't find a frame to fit it? With Japanese washi tape you simply hang your work on the wall, then add a frame around it in what ever shape you like.

Top tip: The most important thing with an art wall is that you have fun making it. So let loose and go for it!


  Creating your own art gallery wall can be a lot of fun. Once you've done one, you'll want to do another. If you've created an art gallery wall in your home, show it off by posting a photo and telling us how you did it. Or, share this inspiration on facebook, twitter or Google+. Soon no wall will be left unadorned. You may also be interested in the following articles: 1. Mirror, mirror, on the wall 2. Garden Wall Art: Trending in outdoor living 3. 20 Unique ideas for garden wall Art  


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