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Add Colour to Your Garden

Posted by Bridgman on

From crocuses in the spring to chrysanthemums in autumn, a sequence of bloom brings ongoing colour to the garden. Gardeners use flower colours to create mood and style: monochromatic and pastel palettes are subtle and soothing, whilst primary colours are vital and exciting. But flowers are not the only way to add colour to your garden, so let's look at some other ways you can do it.

Paint your flower boxes

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Window boxes and other flower containers can be more than just holders for your flowers--they can contribute to the colour scheme. Buy them in colours or paint them to match your garden décor. Don't worry, they won't detract from the flowers, in fact, they'll contribute to the display.


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With coloured lights it's easy to change the nighttime palette of your garden. Use them to illuminate steps, walkways, and seating areas. Change them to go with your mood or with what's in bloom. Or try a solar tiki torch; with illustrated lens cups it uses the power of the sun to light up and transform your garden. Another option is a set of solar garden light stakes that turn from red to green to blue in an endless cycle of colour.

Garden Tools

Dull green plastic watering cans work fine, but they don't contribute much to the ambiance of the garden. Instead, invest in bright watering cans and tools with coloured handles. Besides being fun and decorative, they are easier to find if you leave them lying around amidst the lush foliage of your garden.


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Accessories are quick and easy ways to bring colour to your garden. A soft white dining set is a flexible background for coloured dishes, napkins, and serving pieces to complement your garden. Accessories are so easy to change, you can match them to the season, with pink and red pieces when roses are in bloom and orange and gold for late summer.

Wall Art

Make use of all the surfaces in your garden by hanging wall art. Brightly painted fish made from re-purposed picket fences add whimsy, whilst handcrafted metal palm trees lend a tropical air. Sailboats, anchors, and mastheads in nautical shades are ideal for the sea-loving gardeners.

Painted Surfaces

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A fence or shed wall can be more than a background. Painted dark green, a fence makes the garden feel like a forest. Lighter colours create a sense of spaciousness, while bright and contrasting colours add excitement.


Garden paths and decking provide more opportunity to make your garden an oasis of colour. It's easy to tint concrete flooring or paint wooden decks. For something even more dynamic lay a colourful mosaic right up against your garden beds, allowing blossoms to bend over and add to the design.  

Other Ideas?

These are just a few of many different ways to add colour to your garden. We'd love to hear your ideas on the subject!


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