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9 Inspired Swimming Pool Ideas

Posted by Bridgman on

Before I put my pool in I considered many terrific swimming pool ideas. I’m so pleased with the results. Besides swimming in it, I love just looking at it; it’s beautiful and makes me feel good. And it is the best way to entertain.

If I hadn’t looked at different swimming pool ideas I might have wound up with an ordinary in-ground pool. That would have been fine, but with a little thinking and planning I’ve got the best pool in the neighbourhood.

I highly recommend checking out a variety of swimming pool ideas before you dig. Here are the ones that inspired my pool.

#1 Natural Swimming Pool

My favourite place to eat lunch is at a garden restaurant with a natural swimming pool. It inspired my pool design. Water flows over rocks into shallow pools with water lilies and wild iris. The water deepens in the centre for swimming.

#2 Organic Shapes

For a total garden escape, integrate your pool into the larger patio area. Complement the straight lines of the house with patio and pool in soft, organic shapes.

#3 Oriental Calm

An oriental-style gate, rice paper shades, and a small pool bordered by stone pavers, rocks, and greenery combine to create a relaxing setting in the garden.

#4 Modern Pool Setting

Straight lines give a distinctly modern feel and maximize the use of the space. The contrasting colours, lines, and textures of wood and masonry bring excitement to this contemporary swimming pool idea.

#5 Lap Swimming Pool Idea

Lap pools are great for getting a good workout, plus they fit in small spaces. Bordered by ornamental grasses on one side and sturdy rocks on the other, this pool makes good use of space that might otherwise go to waste.

#6 Another Lap Swimming Pool Idea

Six feet by thirty feet -- that’s all the room you need to add a lap pool to an urban courtyard. That leaves just enough space for a couple of loungers, a grill, and a small lawn – everything you need for an afternoon of summer fun.

#7 Pool with Beach Entry

A sandy entrance makes your pool feel like the beach. The contract between the tan of the sand and the blue-green of the water gives a distinctly ocean feel to the patio.

#8 Swimming Pool Ideas with Mosaic Tiles

There’s no reason the bottom of the pool can’t be a work of art in itself. Stunning mosaics are a pleasure to look at from your spot lounging at the side of the pool.

#9 Take the Plunge

Slate and wooden steps create a sculptural entrance to a plunge pool tucked in the back of the garden. Water flows into the pool, adding the element of sound to this dramatic environment.

Like these fabulous swimming pool ideas? Pin images and follow us on Pinterest for more outdoor living inspiration.


Pictures Credits: Featured Image: Sam Howzit Image 1: Biotop Image 2: Houzz Image 3: Houzz Image 4: Style Carrot Image 5: Style Carrot Image 6: Apartment Therapy Image 7: Pinterest Image 8: Eva Designs Image 9: Houzz


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