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8 Last Minute Christmas Decorating Ideas to Add Sparkle to Your Home

Posted by Bridgman on

It's not too late to decorate for Christmas. Check out these eight great last minute ideas for adding sparkle to your holidays.

1. Take Your Cues from Nature

Mother nature has terrific offerings when it comes to Christmas decorations—after all, the miracle started outside in a manger. Here are a few natural ideas to get add pizzazz to your home.
  • Pinecones. Dip the ends of pinecones in coloured paint—red, white, green, or whatever you have left from painting your walls. Add your coloured cones to your centerpieces or mantle or hang them from your tree.
  • Branches. Secure a bare tree branch in a container with soil, rocks, or cement. Spray the branch silver. Adorn it with lace cutouts and white lights to add shimmer to your décor.
  • Evergreen boughs. Set the scene for Christmas dinner with evergreen boughs smartly arranged in the center of the table.

2. Colour Your Lights

Nothing is easier than changing out your plain light bulbs for Christmas coloured ones, inside and outside your house.


3. Lighten Up Your Dinner Table

Put holiday tapers in small candleholders. Arrange three or five candleholders (odd numbers look best) on a flat plate, platter, or cutting board. Surround the candles with red and white flower blossoms—carnations, roses, amaryllis, or whatever you can find. Add a few cranberries for variety and texture and you'll have a shimmering centerpiece.


4. Have a Bollywood Christmas

People around the world celebrate Christmas with fabulous decorations from their own cultures. For a festive Bollywood Christmas decorate with fabric and handcrafted ornaments from India.

5. Try a New Kind of Tree

Who says a Christmas tree has to be an evergreen? Decorate a houseplant such as a weeping fig or rubber tree. Or, depending on where you live, you may be able to buy a potted tree from a nursery or garden centre, and plant it outside in the spring.  

6. Build or Buy a Christmas Pyramid

A Christmas pyramid is a type of carousel with candles that make it turn. Before Christmas trees became popular Germans made Christmas pyramids and decorated them with holiday scenes. Look for Christmas pyramids in eclectic decorating outlets or find a plan on the Internet and make your own.  

7. Pull Out the Reds, Greens, and Whites

Look in your closets for clothing, linens, and fabrics with Christmas colours and patterns. Artfully place them around the house for added holiday cheer.  

8. Host a Christmas Workshop

It's not too late to make your own decorations. Called juleverksted in Norway, a Christmas workshop brings friends and family together to make holiday cakes and decorations. It's a great way to relieve holiday stress and share holiday ideas. May your holidays be happy and bright! Image Credit: Featured Image, Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4, Image 5, Image 6, Image 7, Image 8, Image 9  


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