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7 DIY Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Light Your Garden

Posted by Bridgman on

When the weather is good most of us love spending our free time relaxing in our garden or balcony, gathering with friends or even better having barbecue or pool parties. But to do that, especially on warm summer nights, you may need to add some more lighting at your garden which not only will illuminate the area but it will also give your outdoors great ambience, mood and decor. Below you will find 7 ideas that will inspire you to create unique outdoor lights for your garden. POT LIGHTS You can simply light your garden by using small clay pots and some candles. Make sure you paint the inside surface with a bright colour to maximize the light of the candles.
LIGHT ROPE AROUND THE GARDEN PATHS Use a lighting rope to decorate the edges of your garden path or to give it a shape

SOLAR GARDEN LIGHTS IN A JAR If you have some small jars, a frosting spray and some solar garden lights you can easily create nice lighting for your garden. Just make sure you put the jar in direct sunlight during the day and then let it glow all night. HANGING MASON JAR GARDEN LIGHTS So nicely made, these hanging jars could enhance everyone's garden Décor. You can purchase them on Etsy . GLOWING ORBS You will need less than 3 minutes and under £3 to turn a regular light bulb into a glowing orb for your garden. Just fill them with any fairy lights left from Christmas. COLOURFUL FLOOR LAMPS

Use coloured paper bags (or even better paint them yourself) and place small LED candles in them. Then put them in a line to illuminate pathways.

CUPCAKE LIGHTS This project is sweet, literally. Use some cupcake liners (tin liners would be ideal), cut their bottom, remove the bulb from the socket , let the liner slip on and replace the bulb. Do you have any other DIY outdoor lighting ideas? Share them with us!   Image Sources: Image 1, Image 3


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