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7 Awe-inspiring Gardens at Chelsea Flower Show 2016

Posted by Bridgman on

If you didn't get a chance to visit the Chelsea Flower Show, take a look at our must-see, inspirational gardens for a taste of the latest gardening trends. Time to get green-fingered...

The Telegraph Garden

The Telegraph Garden, designed by Andy Sturgeon; winner of the best show garden award A striking show garden designed by Andy Sturgeon which depicts geological events that have shaped and moulded our landscape over millions of years. Think dramatic bronze fins (to represent ancient mountain ranges) surrounding a gentle garden of warm and semi-arrid planting. It's a contrived landscape which highlights the need to future proof gardens against a changing climate...

The Hartley Botanic Garden

The Hartley Botanic Garden, designed by Catherine MacDonald; Silver Gilt medal winner A sort of garden-within-a-garden designed by Catherine MacDonald to celebrate the British-engineered glasshouses by Hartley Botanic. The focal point of the design is the glasshouse attached to a traditional walled garden, where tropical, aquatic and carnivorous plants grow. Views of the surrounding woodland - alive with the native, naturalistic planting from our British landscape - can be enjoyed from within the glasshouse, making it both folly and retreat.

Support, The Husqvarna Garden

The Husqvarna Garden, designed by Charlie Albone; Silver Gilt medal winner We all need a space to relax and reflect, and this garden, designed by Charlie Albone, offers a retreat from the speed of modern living. The key ingredients are a gently moving water rill (a water feature that allows water to move in a straight line), a sunken lawn and bluestone cobbles, while a floating, cantilevered, architectural structure and patterns taken from iconic Australian buildings, nod to this garden's homeland in Melbourne. There is colour too thanks to exotic specimen plants.

The St John's Hospice - A Modern Apothecary

The St John's Hospice Garden, designed by Jekka McVicar; Silver Gilt medal winner The healing power of plants and a quote from Hippocrates - "Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food" - is the inspiration behind this fabulous garden. It is a small, tranquil space with wellness at its heart and features research-based plants known to be beneficial to the health and wellbeing of society. A garden of natural calm and wonderful aromatic planting (many can be eaten too) for the ultimate in tranquillity and wellbeing...

God's Own Country - A Garden for Yorkshire

God's Own County – A Garden for Yorkshire, designed by Matthew Wilson; Silver medal winner Designed by Matthew Wilson, this garden showcases the county's wealth of stunning scenery, iconic heritage, deep-rooted industries and skilled tradespeople. With a beautiful panel of stained glass made using original methods, the garden mixes the old and new with planting that conjures up the woodland gardens of Yorkshire.

L'Occitane Garden

L'Occitane Garden, designed by James Basson; Gold medal winner Celebrating the 40th anniversary of this natural beauty brand, James Basson cleverly returns to the company's roots by recreating the beautiful yet harsh environment of Haute Provence, the region where a young Olivier Baussan first began producing essential oils from rosemary and lavender. Scent and colour play an important part here where you'll find 300 different plant varieties native to the region.

The AkzoNobel Honeysuckle Blue(s) Garden

The AkzoNobel Honeysuckle Blue(s) Garden, designed by Claudy Jongstra in collaboration with Stefan Jaspers; Silver Gilt medal winner Plant dyes products different tones, with depth, shade and movement, and in this stunning garden, we are invited to see the legacy of plants that were historically harnessed for their dye qualities. It is part of a wider 'Farm of the World' initiative in which designers collaborate with educational groups to teach the age-old, sustainable techniques of using plants for their dyes to create fabrics in beautiful colours. And the result here, is truly beautiful too... Did you visit this year's Chelsea Flower Show? Which gardens were you most inspired by?

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