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6 Ways To Nail the Indoor/Outdoor Kitchen Vibe

Posted by Bridgman on

While we may not live in sunny Oz or blue-skied Los Angeles, us Brits still like to get outdoors whenever we can. And with the open-plan kitchen now the central hub of the home for eating, cooking and hanging out with friends, don’t forget to include the garden in your quest to create a single, light-filled space that stretches seamlessly from indoors to out. Here’s six top tips to link your kitchen and garden into one fabulous room.  

Install a Wall of Glass


Full length panels of clear glass that fold, slide or concertina back invisibly to the wall are a number one priority for the hybrid kitchen garden room. Let’s face it, there’s nothing like pulling back a wall of clear glass and stepping into the garden with a cup of fresh coffee in the morning. Keep the glass simple and as frameless as possible and watch the light pour in (invaluable in a Victorian terrace). And even if it’s rainy and grey outside, you can watch the ever-changing weather from the comfort of your kitchen inside.

Match up Flooring


Using the same flooring for the kitchen and out into a garden patio will enhance the seamless in/out transition and visually fool the eye into lengthening the room. Seek out stones such as slate, travertine, limestone and sandstones that work in the kitchen and outside, but remember to seal properly with a solvent-based sealant to cope with changing weather conditions and general wear and tear. Hardwearing porcelain tiles are another good option and come in an array of different colours, finishes and even realistic timber effects.

Try A Glass Ceiling


For serious indoor/outdoor design clout, try a glass box extension with a see-through ceiling. Such a wraparound glass structure is chic and ultra-modern for sure, and will allow light to pour in from all sides and connect with the sky, the greenery and the great outdoors at every angle.

Go For Good Lightning


While your indoor/outdoor hybrid kitchen might include expanses of clear glass and sweeping, pull-back doors, you will still need a good artificial lighting scheme to enhance what’s there. Spotlights embedded into the ceiling as well as wall washers and pendant lamps will create layers of effective illumination inside. Don’t forget to light-up your garden area too with LED spots stuck into the ground, wall lanterns and strings of pretty fairylights for a magical atmosphere you can use even with the sun goes down.

Rethink The Humble BBQ


A portable barbecue on wheels might just be enough alfresco cooking kit for most of us, but if you fancy sizzling and sautéing outside as often as possible, consider investing in an all-singing, all-dancing built-in BBQ with ovens, grills and even refrigeration. Take the concept one step further by extending the line of kitchen units into the garden for the ultimate outdoor kitchen.

Make It Multifunctional


We all know our British climate can be unpredictable at the best of times, so the answer is to plump for chairs and tables that work out just as well out in the garden as they do in the kitchen. Our stylish rattan sofas, tables, recliners and dining sets are made from top Quality Rattan, which is almost impossible to tell apart from the natural stuff and can be left outside all year long. Pair with our waterproof cushions and you’ll never have the headache of having to move them in and out every time the weather takes a turn for the worse… Have you created an indoor/outdoor kitchen that links stylishly and seamlessly with the great outdoors?


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