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6 DIY Vases You Can Make at Home

Posted by Bridgman on

Now that you know how to make attractive flower arrangements you are going to need vases to put your bouquets in. No need to buy them when DIY vases are so easy to make. Here are directions for making three of our favourite DIY vases. All are easy to make with materials you have around the house or are inexpensive to buy.


#1 DIY Vases from Plastic Bottles

These fun DIY vases are perfect for small arrangements, or small potted plants. And you probably have all the supplies you’ll need right on hand. Start with a one-litre plastic bottle, then: • Use a marker to draw the shape you want the top of the vase to be. Draw the line about 1/3 of the way down from the top. • Cut along the line. • Use plastic cement to glue the bottle cap to the hole in the CD, with the opening of the cap facing up. • Screw the bottle onto the bottle cap. • For added colour, paint your vase or use stickers, glitter, or ribbons for decoration. These DIY vases are so pretty and easy, even children will enjoy making them…as long as there’s an adult around to do the cutting.  

#2 DIY Vases from a Pringle Can

Love those Pringles! But don’t throw the cans away when the crisps are gone; use them for DIY vases instead. Hidden under a layer of small rocks, no one could ever guess their humble beginnings. This is a project to start outside because of the sealant and glue. • Spray a rubber seal coating inside the can to prevent leaks. • Turn the can on its side and spray a section with adhesive. • Place small rocks or pebbles on the adhesive. Work around the can until it is all covered. • After the glue has dried, spread grout in sections. Use a damp sponge to remove as much grout as possible. • After the grout is completely dry, spray with Mod Podge to make it look shiny. These DIY vases are so versatile; for a less rustic look, use small pieces of ceramic tile or beach glass.  

#3 DIY Vases from Old Sweaters

Do you have a favourite jumper that doesn’t fit anymore? Don’t throw it out! You can transform that jumper into two DIY vases (one vase per sleeve) in about 10 minutes. • Find an empty bottle that will fit inside a sleeve of your jumper. • Lay the bottle along the sleeve, leaving about 1.5 inches on each end. • Cut the sleeve off 1.5 inches from the end of the bottle. Stitch around the cut edge to keep it from unravelling. • Turn the sleeve inside out and slip over the bottle. • Pin the bottle in place and cut around the pins. • Turn the cover inside out and slip over the bottle. • Just tuck in the edges, and you’re done.

These DIY vases are unusual because you don’t usually think of knitted fabric as vase material.

#4 DIY Vases from Plastic Bottle

We use so many plastic bottles in our life, why not giving them a second life? With this DIY, you'll have an unbreakable vase that looks like crystal. • Cut out the top of the bottle using craft or kitchen scissors. • Make strips (cut straight and space them evenly). Vertically cut half way through the bottle. • Press the strips side on a flat surface to make a level edge. • Start to weave the strips all around the bottle: each strip goes over the next one, and then under two. • Put some stones or marbles in the bottle to make it heavier, fill with water and add your plants. This can also be a good craft to make with kids, using glue to help fixing the strips.  

#5 DIY Vases from Plastic Spoons

After a party, there are always so many things left, especially plastic cutlery. Here is the ultimate solution to use the extra spoons in an very aesthetic way! • Spray paint on a jar, a vase (or whatever you want to use) and the spoons with the same colour. • Gently separate spoons heads from the handles • Glue them on the jar, each new row should overlap the previous one.

That is it! And what I particularly like is that you can just adapt the colours according to the season. Great, isn't it?  

#6 DIY Vases from Light Bulbs

Of course, you can put burned-out light bulbs into the recycling bin. But instead of throwing them away, you can re-use them as original plant containers. It's easy, it's inexpensive and it's lovely. What else do you need? • Empty a bulb using a screwdriver. Be careful not to break the glass! • Wash the inside and the outside of the bulb with warm water and soap, then allow to dry. • Drill two little holes on both sides of the screw cap • Fix a wire in the holes, and secure it by bending them with pliers. • Add water, flowers, and hang your bulb with nice ribbons. I just love this project: it looks so delicate. That's really a great way to recycle your light bulbs!  

What do you think?

We’d like to see the DIY vases you make, send us your pictures! You can also share this article with your friends on Facebook & Google +.

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