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20+1 Miniature Fairy Gardens

Posted by Bridgman on

Mini gardens are in news as the US and the UK compete for the smallest garden in the world. Here are tiny but terrific ideas for your very own miniature fairy garden.
  1. DIY Miniature Commemoration Garden by Bridgman

    A Fairy Garden made by Bridgman to celebrate the birth of the Royal Baby in style. You can find the step-by-step DIY guide here .
  2. Brighten up a the Pavement

    The edges of pavements can be drab and lifeless, but not after you plant a little fairy garden in the paving. Imagine shoppers' delight when they come across a miniature London scene surrounded by blazing red cyclamen surrounded and other colourful flowers.
  3. Cheers to You!

    Having a dinner party? Your party will be unforgettable if you give your guests tiny gardens in champagne glasses. Layer the soil, use the tiniest of plants, and add minuscule pieces of shells.
  4. It Only Takes a Container

    A clay pot, ordinary or decorative, is a perfect container for a mini landscape. So small, the tiny watering can is almost all you need for irrigation. Small succulents, mosses, and little flowering plants are good choices. And a swoop on pea-sized gravel and it looks like you have a stream running through your garden.
  5. Well, well, well

    A dense mound of small-leaved groundcover is the ideal base for a well house. Shiny glass balls add colour and interest.
  6. It's Your House!

    Make a tiny replica of your home and garden. You can build the house out of cardboard or find something similar in a hobby shop. Miniature jade plants make perfect trees and moss or creeping thyme an ideal lawn.
  7. Wire in the Garden

    Follow the pebble path under the bridge and where does it go? You can put wire to lots of uses in a miniature fairy garden.
  8. A Fairy Bridge

    With mushrooms (ceramic, of course) and a bright white bridge (cut out of cardboard) fairies will definitely come to this miniature garden. Irish moss, colourful stones, and fine-textured mulch complete the inviting picture.
  9. Wood Crate Turned Miniature Garden Planter

    Upcycle an old wooden crate, paint it bright colours to match your garden decor, and drill drain holes. Now you're ready to plant your mini-garden tabletop.
  10. A Stream Runs through It

    A stream flows to open water, passing toadstools, and a bird's nest on its journey. Pale green moss looks like a moving stream, whilst blue aquarium gravel is ocean blue.
  11. A True Classic

    A pop-up of classic columns and arches overflows with lively foliage. Look closely and you'll see it's simply a sprout garden inside a miniature palisade.
  12. Homes of the Bears

    Goldilocks may have visited the three bears in this brightly lit cottage in the woods. Construct your own tiny cottage or use doll furniture. With yellow cellophane in the windows small bulbs inside cast a warm flow on the well-furnished patio.
  13. Butterfly Garden

    Transform a clear glass or plastic bowl into a butterfly garden. African violets simulate lilac bushes and ferns look like trees. Sit on the bench and watch the butterflies pollinate the flowers.
  14. A Home for a Troll

    Perched on paving stones this pointy-topped structure is just waiting for the troll to come home.
  15. It's for the Birds

    If you want birds to come to your garden, you'll need water, feeders, and a variety of plants. Wait and see who comes to your mini ecosystem.
  16. Greenhouse in the Garden

    With a mini-greenhouse in your mini-garden maybe you can grow your mini-plants.
  17. Cottage Garden

    Surrounded by a popsicle stick white picket fence and parsley trees your thatch-roof cottage has all the airs of a country home.
  18. Galvanizing Herb Garden

    A galvanized tub is the perfect receptacle for a mini herb garden with sage, thyme and oregano.
  19. Transform a Tea Cart

    A smartly etched teacart has two levels of mini gardens. Can you figure a way to have water splash down the fountain?

  20. There You Are

    Is that you lounging in the chair in your garden? With poles for climbing the small pansy sure looks like a pea plant.
  21. Mini Wall Gardens

    Take the bottom of a small round tin and cover it half way with a piece of rigid plastic. Fill it part way with gravel and plant tiny bromeliads and moss. Then hang it on the wall (gravel on the bottom, of course).


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