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10 Smart Space Saving Furniture Designs

Posted by Bridgman on

The current downsizing trend calls for space saving furniture. These ten original designs present a multitude of options for comfortable and stylish living in small spaces.

#1 Sofa Bunk Beds

Combine bunk beds and sofa beds and you have the ideal solution to the problem of accommodating more than one guest in a small flat.

#2 Stackable Seating

Stackable chairs are the mainstay of space-saving furniture; they let you adapt your seating to changing needs. Now old-style stacking chairs have given way to moulded wood or plastic seats in contemporary ergonomic designs.

#3 Vertical Bathroom

With vertical bathrooms no space goes to waste. One tall sculptural unit has a toilet, sink, shower, and storage.

#4 Piano/Table

Clever combinations are key to space saving furniture, like this single unit that serves as both piano and table.

#5 Transforming Coffee Table

Sometimes you need a desk, sometimes you need a coffee table, and sometimes you need a dining table – but you rarely need all three at the same time. This stylish unit easily converts from one use to another.

#6 Folding Kitchen Table

When you’re not eating this perfect little contemporary style table folds up and out of the way.

#7 Mirror/Ironing Board

With this clever design you can iron your clothing then check them out in the mirror embedded in the underside of the ironing board.

#8 Multi-Purpose Space Saving Furniture

Soft surfaces surrounding an incorporated table provide space for reading, relaxing, talking, and writing.

#9 Modular Spacing Saving Furniture

Unfold and rearrange these space age modules to create a beds, sofas and tables in almost endless combinations.

#10 Space Saving Furniture for Kids’ Bedrooms

One unit gives kids everything they need for the bedroom: storage space, desk and chair, and a cosy loft bed.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to space saving furniture design. For more great ideas on good living follow us on Facebook and Google +.


Pictures Credits: Featured Image: KonOnenko Image 1: Bonbon Image 2: Yanko Design Image 3: Design Odyssey Image 4: Behance Image 5: Resource Furniture Image 6: Shelterness Image 7: Aissalogerot Image 8: Designboom Image 9: Designrulz Image 10: Twisted Sifter


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